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Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts is the first Literary Journal to be published on the Internet.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: ALL submissions MUST BE sent to 17 September 2021: The October 2021 issue is now available. 11 June 2016: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some files might not be accessible on this site, for those files please access the previous months on the Library and Archives Canada link. 28 August 2013: I am proud to announce that as of 2:10 am EST Ygdrasil's readership has reached the 40,000 mark. 10 September 2011: As you can see, Ygdrasil has a new appearance. A new banner has been graciously created by Michael Parker and the site has been updated to bring it into accordance. All previous issues are now in the Previous Issues page and all special feature issues have been identified. Redundant pages have been removed and everything has been brought up to date. Hope you enjoy the new look. 5 July 2008: A note from the Editor. Ygdrasil's submission guidelines are such: text in the body of an email unless otherwise requested - special issues can be negotiated as to other formats. Currently I receive so many submissions, I will no longer reply to each one, but request that if your submission has not been acknowledged within 90 days, please either resubmit or submit elsewhere. Note that we do not accept simultaneous submissons. Ygdrasil is archived by: The Library and Archives Canada Ygdrasil Collection

October 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 10, No.342.
September 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 9, No.341.
August 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 8, No.340.
July 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 7, No.339.
June 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 6, No.338.
May 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 5, No.337.
April 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 4, No.336.
March 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 3, No.335.
February 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 2, No.334.
January 2021 Issue - Vol XXIX, Issue 1, No.333.
December 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 12, No.332.
November 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 11, No.331.
October 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 10, No.330.
September 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 9, No.329.
August 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 8, No.328.
July 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 7, No.327.
June 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 6, No.326.
May 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 5, No.325.
April 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 4, No.324.
March 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 3, No.323 - The George F. MacDonald Interviews 1997 - 1999.
February 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 2, No.322.
January 2020 Issue - Vol XXVIII, Issue 1, No.321.
December 2019 Issue: "Bridging the Gap" with George F. MacDonald and John Sabol.
November 2019 Issue
October 2019 Issue: Samarkanda por Jorge Etcheverry Arcaya.
September 2019 Issue: The Wall by Vladimir Holan (translated by Klaus J. Gerken)
August 2019 Issue
July 2019 Issue
June 2019 Issue
May 2019, 26th Anniversary Issue
April 2019 Issue
March 2019 Issue
February 2019 Issue: Promethius Percipient, a narrative poem by John L. Ausman
January 2019 Issue: Florilegium By Jack R. Wesdorp
December 2018 Issue
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May 2018, 25th Anniverary Issue
April 2018 issue: The The Sampo by Jack R. Wesdorp
March 2018 issue
February 2018 issue
January 2018 issue
December 2017 issue
November 2017 issue
October 2017 issue
September 2017 issue
August 2017 issue: Poems By Hongri Yuan
July 2017 issue Seven: Synnes Deedlich and Derk (Sins Deadly and Dark) by Michael R. Collings
June 2017 issue
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February 2017 issue
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December 2016 issue
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October 2016 issue
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April 2016: King Arthur by Jack R. Wesdorp
March 2016 issue
February 2016: Special Spanish Issue: Textos poéticos actuales—selección del autor Jorge Etcheverry Arcaya
February 2016 issue: A Punctuated Equilibrium by D.R. Wagner
January 2016 issue
December 2015 issue
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October 2015 issue
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July 2015 issue
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March 2015 issue: Blackbird ( A trilogy of plays) By Jack R. Wesdorp
February 2015 issue
January 2015 issue: A Burnt Offering by Dee Sunshine
December 2014 issue
November 2014 issue
October 2014 issue
September 2014 issue
August 2014, Goonarr Stuurelaar, a poem by Jack R. Wesdorp
July 2014 Issue
June 2014, The Patrick White Memorial Issue
May 2014 Issue
April 2014 Issue, featuring: ra medland, Selected Poems and Art
March 2014 Issue
February 2014 Issue, The Poetry of Alysia Waters
January 2014 Issue
December 2013 Issue, Selected Works by Ron Whitehead with Photographs by Jinn
November 2013 Issue
October 2013 Issue, New Poems and Paintings by Patrick White
September 2013 Issue
August 2013 Issue, Medusa's Hairdresses by Maria Jacketti
July 2013 Issue
June 2013 Issue, Timewave Zero, Second Part by Rebecca Lu Kiernan
May 2013, 20th Anniversary Issue
April 2013 Issue
March 2013 Issue, Garnet Eyes by Jack R. Wesdorp
February 2013 Issue
January 2013 Issue, Timewave Zero by Rebecca Lu Kiernan
December 2012 Issur
La poésie de Moïs Benarroch Traduction et introduction de Rosa Ramos
November 2012 Issue
October 2012 Issue, Poems and Paintings by Paulette C. Turcotte
September 2012 Issue
August 2012 Issue
July 2012 Issue
June 2012 Issue
May 2012 Issue, Contemporary Iraqi Poetry, Edited and Translated by Khaloud Al-Muttalibi
April 2012 Issue, Her Eyes, Poems by Joseph Farley
March 2012 Issue
February 2012 Issue, Selected Works of Patrick White
January 2012 Issue
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Welcome to Ygdrasil, a Journal of the Poetic Arts. Ygdrasil is dedicated to providing the best in Modern International Poetry and Literature. Ygdrasil is a monthly Publication and welcomes submission from around the world. To submit poetry, short stories or plays, please send an email to the address below.

Klaus Gerken, EDITOR and Founder

Mois Benarroch, European Editor -- specializing in Hebrew and Spanish submissions
Mois Benarroch

Michael Parker, Site Banner Design 2011
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Biographical Information

Klaus Gerken
Editor and Founder of Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts

Klaus Gerken, born Cuxhaven, Germany, 1949. Came to Canada age 9, 1958. First published work, Dynasty 1968. Since then over 200 titles, Poems, Plays and Novels. Many available on this site. Editor and Founder of Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts (1993). Residence: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Mois Benarroch
European Editor

Mois Benarroch was born in 1959 in Tetuan/Morocco, between Tangier and Gibraltar. He grew up in a mixture of cultures and languages, Spanish being his mother tongue, attending a French school, hearing the Arabic of the streets and praying in Hebrew. In 1972 He emigrated to israel, and lives since then in Jerusalem. Published books in Hebrew: The Immigrant's Lament (poetry) 1994. The Coming Book (prose) 1997. The Bread And The Dream (poetry) 1998. His poems and prose have been published in numerous publications in Israeli literary magazines, and international magazines, recently in Ygdrasil, Perihelion, Miller's Pond, Revue Europe, Emotions, Xero, The Poet's Guild Quarterly, Poetry magazine. His works have been published in hebrew, spanish, french and english. He writes in Hebrew, Spanish and English. He is Ygdrasil's European editor, and has e-published a book in Ygdrasil titled 'Moben's Poems' in English. His first novel 'Benshawen' will be published in 1999. And a book of poems in Spanish will be published by Esquio in Spain.

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Contact Information

Klaus Gerken

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