October 2000 - Volume 8, Number 10

New Works and Words

....as seen through my heart and vision.
Pedro Sena, Associate Editor



The nature of a game called EverQuesT is an elusive one. Players come and go and rarely think of Michelangelo, and furthermore, some of them couldn't give a damn. But there are times, when a game is not a game, and its sumptuous surroundings can help define a terribly important moment, that rarely will anyone realize how valuable its lessons are. It took but one posting, by the honorable Bard "Korendel", to write one day, about a friend she had met, who fell to the curse of the modern plague, AIDS. I have made a decision to let each part speak on its own, and Korendel's words are exact with only minor English corrections.

When I read Korendel's note which is the first part of this piece of work, I was simply stunned. I wrote the poem that I revised and fitted to this piece of work here. The only changes from the original are the adaptation to the moment in time, in this case at the Temple of Solusek Ro, a particular location on the NorthEast side of the continent of Antonica in the game. The poem got a response.

A week later, a whole bunch of people at Verant (the company that owns this game), announced the very first event of its kind that I am aware of. Several "GM's" (leaders for each server in the game), decided to create a Service for Myristica. I wanted to be a major part of that, and figured that my poem should be read during its proceedings. I did not know how others were going to react, although I knew that in the Message Board where I posted the original, only a couple of folks actually said anything ... too many kids that did not know the difference, or what all that meant. After all, it was poetry! Korendel, was not adverse to it, and I think that she was much too over wrought by the whole thing, to read it, and allow it to sink in. I don't blame her really. I don't know that a poem like this one, or any Ode that could possibly be created, can jolt one back from the stupor of a major personal loss and survive it without being jolted.

I have always believed that inspiration is a funny thing. Lord Byron used to make fun of people by telling them that he created a lot of poems while in the bath. I have milked some nice inspiration via this game and its players. There are a lot of nice things in it. One might ask, what is a mature man, writer, doing fooling around in a game, and creating poetry off it? Well, if I knew I would tell you, but suffice it to say that many of the generic forms of inspiration in the world of writing, just do not satisfy me anymore. The so called "muse" is packed with bad smells and ugly visions, and I was not interested in another Sylvia Platt, or Rimbaud statements. I'm tired of writing senseless love poems that go by un-noticed or read.

The game, within its parameters, has a log of everything that takes place in it. This log allows one to due a few things, and I have found yet another good use for this file. The basis for the work is the log, which pretty much tells the whole story, and how it develops. I don't know if I could make it fit any better. Within the words from the many players that appeared, are mine on, and conversations with other members of my "Guild", our very own group of poets, and writers that have participated in several poetry "slams" ... we haven't won much yet because we are too serious and do not write too much cutesy stuff ... but that's not enough to quit on. Poetry is my slam, and I love writing it. I can only hope that it is meaningful, soulful and helpful to many others. I take special heart to Crystasia's fine words at the beginning of the event prior to my own poem.

I would like to thank Verant and its creators for this piece of work and a very special mention is to be made to the GM's in this game that performed the services:

[Fri Jul 07 19:23:03 2000] Crystasia
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:03 2000] * GM * [50 Necromancer] Akhasha (Dark Elf) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:57 2000] * GM * [60 Crusader] Bordael (Dwarf) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:02 2000] * GM * [20 Rogue] Cannelle (Gnome)
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:57 2000] * GM * [50 Shaman] Helga (Barbarian) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] * GM * [50 Shadow Knight] Kyrani (Dark Elf)
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:02 2000] * GM * [50 Rogue] Murgle (Wood Elf) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:03 2000] * GM * [50 Ranger] Peris (Wood Elf) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:03 2000] * GM * [50 Paladin] Serane (Erudite) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:02 2000] * GM * [20 Shadow Knight] Seroa (Dark Elf)
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] * GM * [49 Ranger] Sevior (Half Elf) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:57 2000] * GM * [50 Wizard] Stryne (Dark Elf) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:02 2000] * GM * [50 Enchanter] Tinket (Gnome) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:02 2000] * GM * [50 Druid] Trez (Halfling) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 18:15:04 2000] * GM * [50 Ranger] Vesta (Half Elf) <Order of Veeshan>
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:57 2000] * GM * [20 Druid] Waylhander (Wood Elf)

And the following players and the respective "Guilds" that they are a part of:

[Fri Jul 07 19:23:03 2000] [28 Bard] Korendel (Wood Elf) <Knights of Salvation>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [39 Ranger] Cylus (Half Elf) <Knights of Salvation>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [49 Necromancer] Evelyn (Human) <Knights of Salvation>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [12 Cleric] Mystwind (High Elf) <Knights of Salvation>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [36 Bard] Roxie (Human) <Knights of Salvation>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [34 Wizard] Talok (Dark Elf) <Knights of Salvation>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [15 Magician] Wulfheart (High Elf) <Knights of Salvation>
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:57 2000] [31 Shaman] Yondo (Barbarian) <Knights of Salvation>

[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [13 Bard] Berrek (Wood Elf) <The Stryngs of Ayre>
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:57 2000] [10 Wizard] Dynamism (High Elf) <The Stryngs of Ayre>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [32 Bard] Moshkiae (Half Elf) <The Stryngs of Ayre>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [1 Bard] Rokenn (Wood Elf) <The Stryngs of Ayre>

[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [10 Ranger] Karasham (Half Elf) <Dragon's Blood>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [24 Druid] Lealin (Human) <Dragon's Blood>

[Fri Jul 07 18:36:57 2000] [38 Warrior] Abelard (Half Elf)
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [ANONYMOUS] Calistaah <Brothers In Alliance>
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:57 2000] [ANONYMOUS] Kubaton
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [1 Bard] Liiani (Wood Elf)
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:57 2000] [35 Cleric] Maelar (Dark Elf) <Morbid Chaos>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [ANONYMOUS] Pyrotech <Brothers In Alliance>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [2 Bard] Seini (Half Elf)
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [17 Paladin] Shiblon (Half Elf)
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [ANONYMOUS] Tanndaina
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:02 2000] [16 Warrior] Tinytoes (Gnome) <The Sons of Steel>
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:30 2000] [31 Paladin] Vondarkmoor (Human) <Azure Guard>

If I missed any names, my apologies.

Pedro Sena/Moshkiae Soulmender

Part 1

Moshkiae wonders



I sat by the fire, and stared at it,

was not sure what I wanted to see,

sights untold, maybe a new planet

that sets the stars apart, to be

said to mean certain things again

that we rarely discuss in refrain,

much less in words for any memory

lest we remind our inner faculty

of a fact or two, of a deed or two,

that helped us grow, older, and die

sometimes sooner, than 'ever desired

as a signal of a need for change to

a new life, a new goal, passing by

this earth, and our body's attire.

As I stared at the fire,

I felt a bit old,

teary eyed

I didn't even know this person,

I had met the Bard once before in my travels,

It didn't mean much to me


but it did MEAN much to me!

Even today, as I write this account

of my feeling, in this matter,

I still sulk, wet my eyes,

and wonder if I have enough words

to say anything

that matters ...

I had a young friend,

many years ago,

that also died

for the same reason,

he was a Bard, a different sort,

who drew a duck,

called "Zen Duck",

and his humor,

was unsurpassed ...

even today,

I laugh, and cry,

all in one breath.

Ollie was a Bard,

and, ...

you see, I'm a bard,

and not many of us have the privilege

of being heard,

in life,

much less in a game,

in a damn game,

just a fucking game,


but I could not get away

from the ever so romantic notion

that someone would spend a full moon

and look at the sky,

or share a moment in time

when all things stand still

and you can finally admire


I am not sure that it is nature,

I am not sure that it is humans,

I am not sure there are words

that can explicate a feeling

from our inner vision,

specially in a game,

that has little, if any,

respect for "life",

or living


makes me angry a lot,

and I always write about it,

falling on undead ears,

with only one comment once

as to the "weird guy"

that sat on the ledge of a theater

and read some poetry

made on the spur of the moment,

to anyone that wanted to hear it,

or not hear it.

Strange that an hour later,

there was not a single comment,

strange that an hour later.

everyone is still deaf,

strange that an hour later,

no one has passed by,

but a Guard


if words by a person

mean not a thing to another,

how is it that a death

will come to mean


I didn't care.

Wait a minute!

I was going to care,

come hell or high water,

be it deaf, mute or blind

I am gonna care!


I have been close to that plague


not a pleasant sight


it feels like such a waste


and I am not one of those

that goes to church on Sundays

that forgets the piety on Monday

and goes back to the hatred

all over again

for the next six days.

KILL, KILL, and some more KILL.

I've always asked for more,

even if the many trolls

that parent an area or two

will never understand

that which I am saying

or ever hope to bring across,


and my friends,

this is the only language I know,

the only words I can say

these things with


I did not have the luxury you did,

of living in one language,

one country,

one life,

only one sound of music,

only one ear

to tell you what is good,

or bad,

or right,


The fire felt warm,

but meaningless,

just a thought,

that someone can not share

during this moment of warmth

when words disappear

and all that is left

out of your pure heart

are some strains of color

that we all hope

means something worthwhile,


but I know

that there is more to this heart

and that some of us can, will part

one day, for ventures far and away

what we know now, at work and play,

so that we can all again yet meet

and share a feeling, behold the meek,

that loved and cared, and did share

everything they had, nothing to spare,

as a sign that there is much love

that hovers in our stead, and earth

not as god, but a very special seal

that comes from the innerly above

gained in a little heart at your birth

forever known, as one's special feel.




Part 2

Korendel speaks:


Most of you do not live, in the lands of Veeshan, so this name of Myristica probably means nothing to you. Even those of you who do frequent those lands, may not know the name, but I do.

Her real name was Samantha "Sam" Shultz and she was a major part of my life.

It was many eons ago, that I began playing a game,

EverQuest was its name,

and at that time I received an e-mail from Sam,

a friend who had moved away several years before

and whom I commonly received e-mails from several times a week.

She was ecstatic about a new adventure she had discovered.

Soon we met, yet again, in Veeshan

and hunted together for several seasons,

I playing my Bard, and she her Mage.

Soon Sam surpassed me in levels, and by the time I had reached 15 she was fighting her way into 40. How time flies and disappears in your eyes.

EverQuest wasn't the only thing Sam was fighting her way through.

Neither of us ever mentioned the fact that she was growing so much faster then I was.

We both knew she had much more time to play, though neither of us wanted to think about the reason.

When Sam moved away from home, it was because she had taken ill and her family disowned her because of it.

From that point on she simply introduced herself as "Sam," no surname, no family.

Things were rough for her, and EverQuest was, for her, an escape.

Sam had tested positive with HIV, a disease which she unknowingly contracted from Brayden Mackenzie, her long time boyfriend (or "soulmate" as everyone else saw them. Sam knew the risks she was taking when she joined with Bray. They used special precaution, but she still contracted the virus.).

She had been handling all her treatments well until April when her mate was taken by the virus.

After that everything went downhill.

Sam stopped playing EverQuest about a month after that, and Myristica sat down to sleep for the final time on the fire-tower in Lake Rathe.

Several weeks ago Sam and her four year old daughter Cantabaleigh (whom we call 'Leigh , and whose name is a play on a musical term) moved in with me.

Soon Sam underwent emergency surgery to remove her left lung which was beginning to deteriorate and plague the rest of her body. The surgery did not go well and Sam ended up staying in the hospital again, machines doing all the breathing for her.

During this time, I spent every day up at the hospital, sharing stories of silly things 'Leigh did, or telling the tails of my "heroics" during our EverQuest moments.

Sam was always eager to hear how all of her old hunting buddies were doing, and I was constantly delivering messages to them from her.

Even though she had so much to live for, it was plain to see that Sam was tired of hanging on.

The once glowing, ethereal being that I had come to love in friendship was no more, in her place was a veritable vegetable of a lifeform, a sick girl with no sparkle left in her eyes.

Friday night Sam died.

The time of death was noted at 8:23 pm, the cause: "complications due to advanced HIV."

Myristica will forever remain level 40, a brave Mage who loved to watch the sunset over Lake Rathe, and to dance in the rain in the Karanas. She was the one who helped me plan the first ever moonlit skinny-dip in Kithicor, and she was the only one who would take me to Everfrost,

just to see the snow.

She often dreamed of Dragon Raids and of going on Plane Runs,

but never made it.

EverQuest was, for her, a way of escape; a way to do all the things she couldn't in "real" life.

In this game she could run, she could jump, and she could swim. She could talk to her friends, go shopping, and visit far off places and lands. She could even meet all the fantastical creatures she had only read about in story books.

As a Bard, I am meant to record the happenings of Norrath and it's people. Myristica was one such person.

I also hope that by sharing her story with others, that Sam will not be forgotten, and also that mayhaps, it will cause people to think twice about what they are doing with their lives.

I am not going to sit here and preach about safe sex, clean needles, or any other such thing, because everyone has heard it a million times before.

I just hope that stories like this one will spark enough public interest that one day a cure will be found...

/em lowers her head and mourns the loss of a close friend.

/em pins a red ribbon onto her breastplate.



Part 3

Moshkiae records the Myristica Service on 7/17/2000


Today, I slept some,

and had a dreary, sleepy,

nothing kinda sleep,

maybe this is what death

will be all about



I have always thought

that we place too much


on this


why couldn't I,

just have,

a "nothing" kind of sleep?

The mind wondered right and left

at times flaky and totally bereft

of anything that had some value

that might give you some virtue,

some worth,

some heart,


maybe some meaning,



No sooner I had entered the lands of Veeshan

I came across our friend Cannelle.

She was dressed in a dark outfit,

more in keeping with the event,

than their role and anything else,

but somehow, in a strange sort of way

it seemed right, and proper.

[Fri Jul 07 17:29:19 2000] Cannelle waves at Moshkiae.
[Fri Jul 07 17:29:24 2000] Cannelle says, 'How are you Moshkiae?'
[Fri Jul 07 17:29:32 2000] You say, 'Good. Poem is ready'
[Fri Jul 07 17:29:41 2000] Cannelle says, 'I am glad'

We parted ways, as I was looking for the event

in the City of West Freeport where so many people

came and went looking for experience

to make their gaming worthwhile,



[Fri Jul 07 17:37:28 2000] You have entered West Freeport.

I set about looking for our friend, Korendel.

She was not here, as I had thought,

and this was going to take place,

somewhere else.


[Fri Jul 07 17:52:31 2000] [28 Bard] Korendel (Wood Elf) <Knights of Salvation> ZONE: soltemple
[Fri Jul 07 17:52:47 2000] You told korendel, 'Sol?'
[Fri Jul 07 17:52:56 2000] Korendel tells you, 'Didn't you get summoned ?'
[Fri Jul 07 17:53:01 2000] You told Korendel, 'No'

As I sat there in conversation

Poem in the pocket,

I have tried it three times,

I have read it 100 times,

I want to clean it out yet again

which line is good,

which line is weak,

how do I deliver this,


[Fri Jul 07 17:53:33 2000] You have been summoned by the gods!
[Fri Jul 07 17:53:34 2000] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...

When I open my eyes, I am in a Temple

I had never seen before, even in pictures.

Funny thing,

is that I have seen

this temple once before.

In my dreams, many years ago.

Odd that I would meet,

of all places, in a game,

a place that I had dreamed about,


everything as it should,

the rise over the lava river

with the two guardians at each door.

The large room with a lookout view

from the 2nd floors covering all around,

with the small, flying red harpies,

ready to say hello,

if you did something you shouldn't,



that I had ever been a part of, in this game

could express the awe

and wonder that I felt at that moment.

Was this real?

Too real?


Is this a game?


Maybe I am crazy, and have forgotten

the difference,

ohh yes, the difference,

between what might one day be called life,

and the next is considered just a game,

where you might, some do meet even a wife

and then create a raucous for a little fame,

to help deter the depressing and boring

style of repeated play, levels soaring,


I have never thought of it as a game,

I know this is crazy,

and often strange,

but since I am a Bard,

to consider an alternate part of myself,

also a Bard,

not me


it can't be.

It is me.

[Fri Jul 07 17:54:02 2000] You have entered Temple of Solusek Ro.
[Fri Jul 07 17:54:31 2000] You say, 'Thx'
[Fri Jul 07 17:54:47 2000] Seini is strengthened by Korendel's courage.
[Fri Jul 07 17:54:59 2000] You told Serane, 'Plz Summon "Berrek" as well'
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:10 2000] You say to your guild, 'Berrek you're gonna be summoned'
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:23 2000] Moshkiae bows before Rokenn.
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:29 2000] Rokenn bows before Moshkiae.
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:30 2000] Korendel gives up on fighting back the tears and cries softly.
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:43 2000] Rokenn says, 'Greetings Moshkiae'
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:47 2000] Liiani comforts Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:49 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'Did anyone her know her in real life?'
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:49 2000] Tanndaina puts an arm around Korendel's shoulder. "Its alright dear."
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:55 2000] Mystwind comforts Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:55 2000] You say, 'Greetings your honor'
[Fri Jul 07 17:55:57 2000] Rokenn comforts Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 17:56:05 2000] Vesta comforts Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 17:56:09 2000] Berrek says, 'Greetings all'
[Fri Jul 07 17:56:11 2000] Liiani whispers "Go ahead and cry dear, you need it.
[Fri Jul 07 17:56:19 2000] Tanndaina nods.
[Fri Jul 07 17:56:35 2000] Tanndaina says, 'No shame in tears'
[Fri Jul 07 17:56:49 2000] Vesta bows before Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 17:57:10 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Thanks Moshkiae.'
[Fri Jul 07 17:57:13 2000] Seini says, 'Tis good to cry, emotions are very strong, crying is one of the strongest'
[Fri Jul 07 17:57:15 2000] You say to your guild, 'Xaviere you are being summoned'
[Fri Jul 07 17:57:22 2000] Serane tells you, 'Done friend.'
[Fri Jul 07 17:57:24 2000] Tinket bows before Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 17:57:33 2000] Karasham bows before Lealin.
[Fri Jul 07 17:57:52 2000] Serane greets everybody with a solem nod.
[Fri Jul 07 17:58:27 2000] You say, 'Ready for a poem?'
[Fri Jul 07 17:58:31 2000] Tinket's feet leave the ground.
[Fri Jul 07 17:58:32 2000] Vondarkmoor mourns the loss of a great person.
[Fri Jul 07 17:58:33 2000] Karasham says, 'Asera told me about it, but can not make it. I figured I wold stand in place of. Thank you for coming as well friend!'
[Fri Jul 07 17:58:44 2000] Berrek weeps openly.
[Fri Jul 07 17:59:19 2000] You told Korendel, 'Say when and I will read poem in shout'
[Fri Jul 07 17:59:20 2000] Berrek rends his garments and pours ashes over his head.
[Fri Jul 07 17:59:39 2000] Tinytoes wonders if he should say a speech.
[Fri Jul 07 17:59:52 2000] Korendel tells you, 'Alright . I think the GMs plan to say something first . At least, I'm pretty sure . I'm rather overwhelmed right now .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:00:03 2000] You told Korendel, 'Thx'
[Fri Jul 07 18:00:07 2000] Tinytoes Then hopes tears cant rust bronze.
[Fri Jul 07 18:00:19 2000] You told Korendel, 'Plz hold those tears. You're gonna make this ol' man cry'
[Fri Jul 07 18:00:50 2000] Pyrotech sits by Cali.
[Fri Jul 07 18:00:55 2000] Korendel is completly overwhelmed by everyone's kindness.
[Fri Jul 07 18:00:57 2000] Calistaah beams a smile at Pyrotech.
[Fri Jul 07 18:01:07 2000] Seini beams a smile at Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:01:37 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Nice broom and shovel, Moshkiae. )'
[Fri Jul 07 18:01:46 2000] You say to your guild, 'My tribute to a caster'


Little will many outsiders know

that in this game you have to tow

a few oddities, that often become

your main weapons of defense and lore.

Some places a Caster has to get a Broom

and follow a Quest, where it will loom

into a nice, beautifll wand of power

for the casts, the critter to shower,

and hurt.


and similarly they will find a shovel

and then go quest the game to level

and turn it into a dangerous sceptre

that will carry power,


and help the caster

take out potent enemies and critters


[Fri Jul 07 18:01:56 2000] Evelyn thanks Kyrani heartily.
[Fri Jul 07 18:01:59 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Poetic.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:02:00 2000] Shiblon mournes.
[Fri Jul 07 18:02:00 2000] Pyrotech thanks Kyrani heartily.
[Fri Jul 07 18:02:13 2000] Tinytoes wonders when service begins.
[Fri Jul 07 18:02:14 2000] Calistaah says, 'Ty' (Note: Short for Thank you)
[Fri Jul 07 18:02:23 2000] Tanndaina watches quietly.
[Fri Jul 07 18:02:26 2000] Cannelle waves at Tinket.
[Fri Jul 07 18:02:30 2000] Cannelle hugs Tinket.
[Fri Jul 07 18:02:41 2000] Vesta puts Tink up on the ledge.
[Fri Jul 07 18:02:53 2000] Peris hugs Tinket.
[Fri Jul 07 18:03:09 2000] You say to your guild, 'Where are you guys?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:03:12 2000] Liiani says, 'Thank you'
[Fri Jul 07 18:03:16 2000] Karasham says, 'I did not know her, I am here to mourn for a person who was taked far to early from all of us, and those who knew and loved her'
[Fri Jul 07 18:03:17 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'On your right.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:03:26 2000] Xaviere tells the guild, 'Ehehe, just went LD in front of bank'
[Fri Jul 07 18:03:55 2000] Tinytoes says, '? '
[Fri Jul 07 18:04:21 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Is this symbolic?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:04:29 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Or something?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:04:36 2000] Liiani nods.
[Fri Jul 07 18:04:40 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Oh'
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:02 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Uhhhh .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:04 2000] Karasham says, 'Thank you friend'
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:20 2000] Tanndaina says, 'Why does everyone have torches?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:23 2000] Shiblon says, 'I agree with you karasham'
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:25 2000] Wulfheart bows before Kyrani.
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:26 2000] You told Cannelle, 'Tell me when it is time for poem'
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:33 2000] Wulfheart thanks Kyrani heartily.
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:38 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'We have them to symbolise the lose of a great person'
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:48 2000] Liiani says, 'Kyrani was passing them out ... for symbolism'
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:50 2000] Roxie hugs Cylus.
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:51 2000] Tanndaina says, 'May I have one please?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:05:59 2000] Tanndaina waits her turn.
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:02 2000] Tinytoes says, 'What does a torch have to do with her might I ask? Not that I'm complaining'
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:14 2000] Shiblon waves at Serane.
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:15 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'Its a symbol thingy. The fire still burns, etc.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:19 2000] Tanndaina bows before Kyrani.
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:20 2000] Serane waves.
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:21 2000] Tinytoes says, 'I know I know'
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:22 2000] Tanndaina says, 'Thank you lady'
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:29 2000] Kyrani bows before Tanndaina.
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:36 2000] Liiani says, 'It's like lighting a candle Tiny'
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:46 2000] Tinytoes begins to think about why they are here and cries.
[Fri Jul 07 18:06:58 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Oh yeah'
[Fri Jul 07 18:07:04 2000] Seini says, 'It represents a communication with a high being.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:07:20 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Sorry all'
[Fri Jul 07 18:07:34 2000] Seini is proud of Tinytoes.
[Fri Jul 07 18:07:44 2000] Sevior hugs Vesta.
[Fri Jul 07 18:07:54 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'When are we gonna be able to say a speech and stuff?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:08:00 2000] Vesta hugs Sevior.

[Fri Jul 07 18:09:09 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'Hello? Plz answer me GMs'
[Fri Jul 07 18:09:21 2000] Shiblon says, 'What was she like? Did she fight honorably?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:09:31 2000] Shiblon looks up.
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:03 2000] Sevior hugs Crystasia.
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:16 2000] Wulfheart howls in a mournful tone.
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:24 2000] Crystasia cheers at Sevior.
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:27 2000] Roxie hugs Vondarkmoor.
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:36 2000] Kyrani tells you, 'Greetings Moshkiae, I am GM Kyrani at your most humble service. Should you require anything else for this service, such as a zone emote, please do not hesitate to ask'
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:36 2000] Vondarkmoor hugs Roxie.
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:42 2000] Peris hugs Crystasia.
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:42 2000] Mystwind wipes away the tears from her eyes.
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:49 2000] Seini sobs thinking of the galent fight of Myristica.
[Fri Jul 07 18:10:58 2000] Tinytoes recites an anciet gnomish incantation.
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:00 2000] You told Kyrani, 'I have a poem to read ... whenever you have things running'
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:11 2000] Tinytoes recites an anciet gnomish prayer.
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:27 2000] Korendel says, 'How come I feel worse now then I did at the actually funeral?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:28 2000] You told Kyrani, 'And thx'
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:29 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Ok'
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:44 2000] Tinytoes looks at the sky remembering his father.
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:49 2000] Shiblon begins to cast a spell.
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:50 2000] Karasham says, 'Korendal, did you know her in real life?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:51 2000] Shiblon looks courageous.
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:52 2000] Roxie hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:11:56 2000] Seini says, 'Tis the healing, in time thee shall feel better, and stronger.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:12:15 2000] Korendel says, 'Aye . she was one of my best friends in the real" world as well .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:12:24 2000] Liiani says, 'Because you have had a little time to adjust . the shock is gone and the pain can come through.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:12:28 2000] Bordael waves at Crystasia.
[Fri Jul 07 18:12:28 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'I am sorry for your loss Korendel'
[Fri Jul 07 18:12:39 2000] Bordael thanks Crystasia heartily.
[Fri Jul 07 18:12:44 2000] Tinytoes wonders why such terrible things happen DOWN WITH AIDS!
[Fri Jul 07 18:12:45 2000] Shiblon says, 'I am sorry as well Korendel'
[Fri Jul 07 18:12:50 2000] Karasham says, 'Could you tell us a bit about her? If it is not to painful?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:12:53 2000] Tinytoes says, 'And me'
[Fri Jul 07 18:13:01 2000] Korendel nods.
[Fri Jul 07 18:13:11 2000] Shiblon listens....
[Fri Jul 07 18:13:31 2000] Seini listens too....
[Fri Jul 07 18:13:53 2000] Tinytoes Looks at his torch and a tear comes to his eyes.
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:07 2000] Shiblon mournes.
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:11 2000] Tanndaina holds her hand up to sheild her flame.
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:11 2000] Roxie lowers head and mourns the loss of the dead.
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:22 2000] Seini looks at her torch as sees the energy of life.
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:27 2000] Korendel says, 'I used to tell her she should've played a Bard because she was always doing obscure things. Like taking me skydiving" in Lake Rathe, or planning midnight swims in Kithicor Mountains.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:28 2000] Vondarkmoor joins Roxie in mourning.
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:43 2000] Liiani smiles softly.
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:49 2000] Shiblon listens.
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:51 2000] Mystwind smiles.
[Fri Jul 07 18:14:56 2000] Shiblon says, 'Please, go on .'

[Fri Jul 07 18:15:10 2000] Tanndaina smiles, listening.
[Fri Jul 07 18:15:11 2000] Seini says, 'Yes please do.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:15:13 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Sniff sniff thank you'
[Fri Jul 07 18:16:06 2000] Korendel says, 'She said that she'd chosen a Mage because of some book she'd read. That's where she took the name Myristica from as well .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:16:24 2000] Seini nods at Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:16:42 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Books, they are great things.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:16:46 2000] Shiblon bows his head in reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 18:16:55 2000] Shiblon says, 'Yes, yes they are .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:16:56 2000] Wulfheart says, 'I'm sorry all I must go AFK a few moments' (Note: Means Away From the Keyboard)
[Fri Jul 07 18:16:58 2000] Wulfheart says, 'Forgive me'
[Fri Jul 07 18:17:03 2000] Liiani will have to research the name and see if she can find that book.
[Fri Jul 07 18:17:10 2000] You say to your guild, 'I have never been here before .. this is nice'
[Fri Jul 07 18:17:12 2000] Seini says, 'They are to root of where we are now .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:17:13 2000] Korendel says, 'We started playing about the same time. But she became bedridden soon after and so had more time to play . Tis why she ma.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:17:20 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Same here'
[Fri Jul 07 18:17:38 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'I understand where she came from on that, I also chose my character from a book'
[Fri Jul 07 18:17:42 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'A pity its an occasion like this tough.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:17:57 2000] Tinytoes says, 'I wanted a halfling named Bilbo but tain'
[Fri Jul 07 18:17:58 2000] You say to your guild, 'It's a temple!'
[Fri Jul 07 18:18:15 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'True enough '
[Fri Jul 07 18:18:16 2000] Lealin bows before Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:18:19 2000] Shiblon says, 'Aye, I choose all my names from scripture .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:18:23 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'I had forgotten.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:18:28 2000] Tanndaina imagines the freedom to run and leap here while we can not in life. *blinks hard*
[Fri Jul 07 18:18:36 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'What ronium'
[Fri Jul 07 18:18:47 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'I wish a bar of the alloy'
[Fri Jul 07 18:18:51 2000] The air around you grows cooler. No longer are you bothered by the discomfort of the intense heat of molten lava.
[Fri Jul 07 18:19:41 2000] Echoes within the temple fade away as silence fills its hallways and rooms.
[Fri Jul 07 18:19:51 2000] Tinytoes Thinks about how much a name can do in a person's RPing life.
[Fri Jul 07 18:20:04 2000] Shiblon says, 'My High Elven sister says that she will play until she is 90 years old .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:20:07 2000] Berrek says, 'It defines who you are.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:20:24 2000] Shiblon giggles softly.
[Fri Jul 07 18:20:34 2000] Tinytoes says, 'I think he's wrong'
[Fri Jul 07 18:20:38 2000] A bright light forms in midair and explodes into a fiery display of light.
[Fri Jul 07 18:20:55 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'It lets you be something in the game that you are too afraid or would not be like in the Real word, its lets you be something you've wanted to be without actually having to be it'

[Fri Jul 07 18:20:58 2000] Crystasia says, 'Greetings'
[Fri Jul 07 18:21:02 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Sigh) thank you so much'
[Fri Jul 07 18:21:21 2000] Shiblon says, 'Agreed Vondarkmoor . very true .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:21:21 2000] Berrek agrees with Seini wholeheartedly.
[Fri Jul 07 18:21:29 2000] Karasham says, 'Aye, it gives you a freedom that the real world does not.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:21:34 2000] Crystasia says, 'Welcome to the Temple of Ro'
[Fri Jul 07 18:21:55 2000] Tinytoes says, 'All RPGs give you enormous freedom'
[Fri Jul 07 18:21:59 2000] Crystasia says, 'Perhaps some of you know why many are gathered here .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:22:08 2000] Crystasia says, 'And perhaps some of you do not'
[Fri Jul 07 18:22:27 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'Very true seini'
[Fri Jul 07 18:22:27 2000] Tinytoes shows how big the freedom is with his arms.
[Fri Jul 07 18:22:35 2000] Shiblon mourns.
[Fri Jul 07 18:22:50 2000] Crystasia says, 'We have gathered here to hear of a story.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:22:59 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Indeed'
[Fri Jul 07 18:23:23 2000] Crystasia says, 'And it is my task to present this story to you.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:23:29 2000] Vondarkmoor bows his head and listens to crystasia.
[Fri Jul 07 18:23:29 2000] Seini hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:23:34 2000] Shiblon listens ....
[Fri Jul 07 18:24:12 2000] Crystasia says, 'I see all around me adventurers, brave adventurers'
[Fri Jul 07 18:24:40 2000] Crystasia says, 'Day in and day out, you slay fell beast, for fame, for fortune, for glory, for love.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:25:53 2000] Crystasia says, 'Mostly you all win your battles. And at times you lose. Yet for the most part, you know what you seek, and indeed seek it you do.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:27:08 2000] Crystasia says, 'The townsfolk speak of you as heroes, your tales are spilled forth in taverns more freely than the ale '
[Fri Jul 07 18:27:16 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Where are you Moshkiae?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:27:18 2000] Karasham bows before Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:27:20 2000] Karasham kneels before Korendel in humility and reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 18:27:24 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'X?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:27:36 2000] Abelard lowers head and mourns the loss of the dead.
[Fri Jul 07 18:27:41 2000] Crystasia says, 'As a servant of Veeshan, I listen to these stories'
[Fri Jul 07 18:27:42 2000] Korendel manages a slight smile towards Karasham, though ablight a sad one.
[Fri Jul 07 18:27:54 2000] You say to your guild, 'I'm at the top next to the seekers'
[Fri Jul 07 18:28:06 2000] You say to your guild, 'Xaviere is gone I think'
[Fri Jul 07 18:28:09 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Ok.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:28:20 2000] Crystasia says, 'To learn of adventurers like yourselves. For it is not my part in Norrath to have such adventures. But to watch and to live through a heroes accomplishments.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:28:22 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Dynamism is on too.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:28:45 2000] Karasham hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:28:54 2000] Crystasia says, 'And today within the taverns, I heard a story which touched my soul.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:29:26 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'What are all of the little bags in the sky?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:29:27 2000] You told Peris, 'Can you summon Dynamism? Thx'
[Fri Jul 07 18:29:37 2000] You say to your guild, 'Dyn ... you're gonna be summoned'
[Fri Jul 07 18:29:49 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'Ok'
[Fri Jul 07 18:29:58 2000] You say to your guild, 'Peris is the name'
[Fri Jul 07 18:30:14 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'What is going on?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:30:21 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Memorial service.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:30:40 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'At the Temple of Sol Ro.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:30:50 2000] Crystasia says, 'Now I know . there have been many times, where you may have cursed my lack of a soul, or heard another hero speak of such things, but dear adventurers, I assure you I have mortality, and I care for you all.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:30:54 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'I read about that. Glad I could be on to attend'
[Fri Jul 07 18:30:58 2000] Crystasia grins.
[Fri Jul 07 18:31:05 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Me too, brother.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:31:07 2000] Crystasia says, 'Nevertheless this story touched mine'
[Fri Jul 07 18:31:22 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Thanks for grabbing us, Moshkiae.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:31:25 2000] You say to your guild, 'When you get here remind me to make officer out of you'
[Fri Jul 07 18:31:42 2000] Crystasia says, 'I heard tales of a beast that cannot be seen, that cannot be fought, no sword or magic may slay'
[Fri Jul 07 18:32:03 2000] Crystasia says, 'A beast so horrid that it has ripped away life, and love, and hope.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:32:11 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'I will Moshkiae and thanks'
[Fri Jul 07 18:32:17 2000] Seini cries.
[Fri Jul 07 18:32:26 2000] Mystwind cries.
[Fri Jul 07 18:32:38 2000] Tanndaina 's cheeks are wet with tears.
[Fri Jul 07 18:32:38 2000] Tinytoes trembles in sadness.
[Fri Jul 07 18:32:58 2000] Berrek wishes that he could hold everyone and make the sorrow disappear.
[Fri Jul 07 18:32:58 2000] You told Kyrani, 'Can you summon Dynamism? Thx'
[Fri Jul 07 18:33:09 2000] Crystasia says, 'But one person fought such a beast .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:33:31 2000] Abelard cries.
[Fri Jul 07 18:33:42 2000] Roxie hugs Abelard.
[Fri Jul 07 18:33:53 2000] Crystasia says, 'And I heard rumors that she had not beaten the creature.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:34:07 2000] Rokenn weeps.
[Fri Jul 07 18:34:08 2000] Crystasia says, 'But I say nay, I say she has'
[Fri Jul 07 18:34:30 2000] Crystasia says, 'I say forever this hero shall be known to have won this battle'
[Fri Jul 07 18:34:52 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Greetings Dynamism'
[Fri Jul 07 18:34:52 2000] Tanndaina smiles through tears.
[Fri Jul 07 18:35:03 2000] Crystasia says, 'For when fighting the monster. She laughed! she laughed in joy among her friends.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:35:06 2000] Shiblon mourns respectfully.
[Fri Jul 07 18:35:12 2000] Crystasia says, 'She lived. She played.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:35:19 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'Hello guys, this is so sad'
[Fri Jul 07 18:35:35 2000] Vondarkmoor hums a hymn of Rodcet Nife.
[Fri Jul 07 18:35:35 2000] Roxie weeps.
[Fri Jul 07 18:35:40 2000] Tinytoes's Beard starts getting wet and uncomfortable from the tears.
[Fri Jul 07 18:35:51 2000] Karasham says, 'Karasham lets the tears run freely down his cheeks uncaring what others might think!'
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:07 2000] Crystasia says, 'And she walked among us a pillar of sheer strength, more powerful than any beast you can imagine, more powerful than this horrid beast we fear so much'
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:08 2000] Tinytoes bursts out in tears.
[Fri Jul 07 18:36:26 2000] Berrek passes out kerchiefs.

[Fri Jul 07 18:36:59 2000] Crystasia says, 'And I tell you brave adventurers, that she beat the beast, for she did not lie down quietly and allow it to devour all that she had.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:37:11 2000] Roxie cheers.
[Fri Jul 07 18:37:14 2000] Shiblon says, 'AMEN!'
[Fri Jul 07 18:37:17 2000] Rokenn thanks Berrek, having already gone through three of them.
[Fri Jul 07 18:37:32 2000] Vondarkmoor smiles.
[Fri Jul 07 18:37:33 2000] Crystasia says, 'She lives on today in a plane that has never been visited even to this day'
[Fri Jul 07 18:37:52 2000] Karasham says, 'Aye a place for the truest of heroes!'
[Fri Jul 07 18:38:02 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Shhhhhh'
[Fri Jul 07 18:38:23 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'Quiet!'
[Fri Jul 07 18:38:29 2000] Shiblon says, 'Shh. Be silent please'
[Fri Jul 07 18:39:03 2000] Korendel holds 'Leigh close to her, the tears not only soaking her own face, but that of the child as well.
[Fri Jul 07 18:39:17 2000] Crystasia says, 'For her courageous battle, for defeating the beast by displaying happiness, friendship, honor. She has earned her place forever in our memories'
[Fri Jul 07 18:39:17 2000] Maelar Takes a knee and praises the Disciples of Chaos.
[Fri Jul 07 18:39:21 2000] Maelar Takes a knee and praises the Disciples of Chaos.
[Fri Jul 07 18:39:23 2000] Shiblon bows his head in reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 18:39:26 2000] Crystasia says, 'The plane of the soul . the heart.'

[Fri Jul 07 18:40:01 2000] Vondarkmoor kneels and bows his head, this will always be in his heart.
[Fri Jul 07 18:40:37 2000] Crystasia says, 'And for that she is truly a hero. May the bards' forever sing praise to Myristica and her victory.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:40:55 2000] Liiani whispers "that we shall.
[Fri Jul 07 18:40:55 2000] Crystasia says, 'The victory of living on within you who are here.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:41:17 2000] Seini's song ends.
[Fri Jul 07 18:41:20 2000] Crystasia says, 'Look around you. In every person you see here .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:41:29 2000] Tanndaina nods firmly, whispers. "In all the greatest halls."
[Fri Jul 07 18:41:54 2000] Crystasia says, 'Every person who has been touched by Myristica . has a part of her in them. They have all been touched and changed, and hold a tiny part of her soul within them'
[Fri Jul 07 18:42:13 2000] Seini nods at Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:42:30 2000] Tinytoes Wishes he met her........
[Fri Jul 07 18:42:41 2000] Crystasia says, 'And when you all come together, as friends, as allies, you just might begin to see her form, come together. And hear traces of her voice'
[Fri Jul 07 18:42:42 2000] Shiblon whispers a blessing to Karana of Myristica.
[Fri Jul 07 18:42:47 2000] Karasham says, 'As does Karasham'
[Fri Jul 07 18:42:50 2000] Vondarkmoor cries tears flowing uncontrollably, a beautiful service for a person who deserves every bit of it and more
[Fri Jul 07 18:43:03 2000] Mystwind weeps.
[Fri Jul 07 18:43:16 2000] Crystasia says, 'Did anyone wish to add any words?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:43:36 2000] You told Crystasia, 'Poem'
[Fri Jul 07 18:43:40 2000] Seini thinks of the person whose happiness will always be with her.
[Fri Jul 07 18:43:42 2000] Korendel nods slightly.
[Fri Jul 07 18:43:55 2000] Talok hands Yondo a tissue.
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:00 2000] You clap your hands together - hurray!
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:02 2000] Roxie says, 'I would like to wish her daughter luck and much love.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:03 2000] Crystasia says, 'Moshkiae has a poem in Myristica's honor'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:14 2000] Yondo thanks Talok, he needed it.
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:29 2000] Shiblon says, 'Bless all that is here today, those that knew her, and those that didn't but came in reverence .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:29 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'Yes my condolences go out to all who were touched by this wonderful soul'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:15 2000] You say, 'Thx'

[Fri Jul 07 18:44:19 2000] You shout, 'There are days and there are nights'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:21 2000] You shout, 'When we can sit and wonder all & why'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:23 2000] You shout, 'We should hear stories of pain and lights'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:26 2000] You shout, 'That will forever shine, but make us cry.'

[Fri Jul 07 18:44:28 2000] You shout, 'Some of these live, forever, in our heart'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:30 2000] You shout, 'And can never be left behind, far apart'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:34 2000] You shout, 'For those that are now gone and far away'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:37 2000] You shout, 'Have given us one gift, with lots to say'

[Fri Jul 07 18:44:39 2000] You shout, 'That can be hardly described in simple words'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:41 2000] You shout, 'That mean much of anything, forward'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:43 2000] You shout, 'To the next few days, weeks, months and years'
[Fri Jul 07 18:44:46 2000] You shout, 'That might make sense of all our inner fears'

[Fri Jul 07 18:45:01 2000] You shout, 'And so today Myristica passes from here to there'
[Fri Jul 07 18:45:14 2000] You shout, 'and many of us will feel that pain, love care'
[Fri Jul 07 18:45:28 2000] You shout, 'that it took for that person to arise so fair'
[Fri Jul 07 18:45:45 2000] You shout, 'into EverQuest and give us a taste of the air'
[Fri Jul 07 18:46:00 2000] You shout, 'so we can one day look out the hills of Rathe'
[Fri Jul 07 18:46:16 2000] You shout, 'and remember that sould'one that once here sat'
[Fri Jul 07 18:46:26 2000] You shout, 'and closed her eyes forever, in our sights'
[Fri Jul 07 18:46:38 2000] You shout, 'to the game, her one hope of seeing the lights'

[Fri Jul 07 18:46:45 2000] You shout, 'of a new day, of a new way'
[Fri Jul 07 18:46:56 2000] You shout, 'of a new hour, of, perhaps, a new flower'
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:02 2000] You shout, 'through which'
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:09 2000] You shout, 'it all shall be remembered'
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:13 2000] You shout, 'Amen'

[Fri Jul 07 18:45:04 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Beautiful Mosh.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:22 2000] Korendel bows her head slightly.
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:25 2000] Berrek bows his head low.
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:25 2000] Shiblon says, 'Amen bows head*'
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:36 2000] Vondarkmoor says, 'Amen'
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:36 2000] Rokenn kneels before Moshkiae in humility and reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:41 2000] Mystwind bows her head.
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:47 2000] Vondarkmoor bows before Moshkiae.
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:47 2000] Shiblon says, 'Amen again.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:52 2000] Tinytoes says, 'May I say something?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:52 2000] Waylhander bows his head.
[Fri Jul 07 18:47:55 2000] Tinytoes says, 'O '
[Fri Jul 07 18:48:01 2000] Moshkiae hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:48:20 2000] You invite Tinytoes to join your group.
[Fri Jul 07 18:48:24 2000] Cylus kneels before Korendel in humility and reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 18:48:24 2000] Crystasia says, 'Please allow Tinytoes to speak. That was a wonderful poem Moshkiae'
[Fri Jul 07 18:48:30 2000] Cylus hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:48:42 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Thank you'
[Fri Jul 07 18:48:44 2000] Shiblon says, 'Yes very moving Moshkiae thank you'
[Fri Jul 07 18:48:55 2000] Shiblon listens.
[Fri Jul 07 18:48:56 2000] Talok hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:49:02 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'Aheeh hem'
[Fri Jul 07 18:49:16 2000] Rokenn hugs Korendel and 'Leigh.
[Fri Jul 07 18:49:17 2000] Seini hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:49:27 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'We are to remember a great person'
[Fri Jul 07 18:49:29 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'That was beautiful, Moshkiae.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:49:39 2000] You told Pyrotech, '.. can you levitate Tiny?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:49:48 2000] Pyrotech tells you, 'Sure'
[Fri Jul 07 18:50:04 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'Yeah Moshkiae, very well written and from the heart. Moving'
[Fri Jul 07 18:50:09 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'One of the saddest things are also being remembered one so young should not have to go the the beyond'
[Fri Jul 07 18:50:10 2000] You say to your guild, 'Thx'
[Fri Jul 07 18:50:27 2000] Pyrotech tells you, 'Where is he?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:50:38 2000] You told Pyrotech, 'On the rock'
[Fri Jul 07 18:50:39 2000] Pyrotech begins to cast a spell.
[Fri Jul 07 18:50:42 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'I will always keep this torch and remember this touching service to her'
[Fri Jul 07 18:50:42 2000] Tinytoes's feet leave the ground.
[Fri Jul 07 18:50:51 2000] You told Pyrotech, 'Thx'
[Fri Jul 07 18:51:17 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'She was enjoying one of the greatest things .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:51:32 2000] Abelard salutes the gods in pure admiration.
[Fri Jul 07 18:51:34 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'EverQuest .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:51:43 2000] You shout, 'EVERQUEST'
[Fri Jul 07 18:51:49 2000] Crystasia says, 'Thank you for your words Tiny'
[Fri Jul 07 18:52:09 2000] Shiblon says, 'I would like to speak as well .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:52:15 2000] You clap happily for Tinytoes - hurray!
[Fri Jul 07 18:52:27 2000] Tinytoes shouts, 'I would like to dedicate my beloved Sword of Angseax to her'
[Fri Jul 07 18:52:47 2000] Lealin kneels before Korendel in humility and reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 18:53:20 2000] Karasham tells you, 'Were you speaking in guild talk? I did not see your poem'
[Fri Jul 07 18:53:33 2000] You told Karasham, 'In shout'
[Fri Jul 07 18:53:33 2000] Shiblon says, 'I would like to speak if possible .'
[Fri Jul 07 18:53:35 2000] Crystasia says, 'Korendal has a few words to share'
[Fri Jul 07 18:54:00 2000] Shiblon waits
[Fri Jul 07 18:54:05 2000] Crystasia says, 'Please listen to his heart speak of Myristica.'
[Fri Jul 07 18:54:18 2000] Crystasia says, 'Her heart'
[Fri Jul 07 18:54:37 2000] Lealin says, 'I'm sorry everyone I really must log now I would gladly stay if possible but the choice is not up to me'
[Fri Jul 07 18:55:15 2000] Karasham tells you, 'I had it turned off, to many spells 'n' things scrolling was going to fast to read'
[Fri Jul 07 18:55:41 2000] You told Karasham, 'Whewwwww ... it is already bugged and I can only use one line in the socials (talking about the scroll in the game)'
[Fri Jul 07 18:56:25 2000] Karasham tells you, 'If you have a copy of it will you send it to me via email if I give you my address? I would like to see it'
[Fri Jul 07 18:57:32 2000] Shiblon looks calm....
[Fri Jul 07 18:57:40 2000] Seini sighs at Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 18:57:40 2000] You told Karasham, 'It is posted at The Concert Hall in the thread. I will repost the Log for Roky and Willow'
[Fri Jul 07 18:57:50 2000] Rokenn is happy for 'Leigh.
[Fri Jul 07 18:57:57 2000] Karasham tells you, 'Many thx'
[Fri Jul 07 18:58:05 2000] You told Karasham, 'What's your email?'
[Fri Jul 07 18:58:39 2000] Leawena lowers head and mourns the loss of the dead.
[Fri Jul 07 18:58:53 2000] You told Karasham, 'Going out'
[Fri Jul 07 18:59:29 2000] Karasham tells you, 'Thx )'
[Fri Jul 07 18:59:41 2000] Shiblon nods in agreement.
[Fri Jul 07 18:59:49 2000] Seini nods.
[Fri Jul 07 19:00:13 2000] Roxie hugs Yondo.
[Fri Jul 07 19:00:50 2000] Leawena says, 'Where ya get torches'
[Fri Jul 07 19:00:59 2000] Rokenn kneels before Korendel in humility and reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:02 2000] Crystasia hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:13 2000] Seini kneels down.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:15 2000] Cylus hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:16 2000] Leawena needs to be comforted.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:23 2000] Korendel can no longer speak she's crying so hard.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:23 2000] Seini kneels before Korendel in humility and reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:25 2000] Rokenn comforts Leawena.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:29 2000] Yondo holds onto Roxie.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:34 2000] Leawena cries.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:37 2000] Moshkiae hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:48 2000] Mystwind hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:01:52 2000] Rokenn hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:00 2000] Talok hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:02 2000] Crystasia says, 'Thank you for sharing the words from her heart and yours with us Korendel.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:03 2000] Seini comforts Korendel, knowing she will be well soon.
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:12 2000] Liiani hugs korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:14 2000] Shiblon mourns.
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:16 2000] Crystasia says, 'Shib you wished to speak?'
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:30 2000] Shiblon hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:31 2000] Korendel hugs everyone close enough to hug, soaking them all with her tears in the process.
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:45 2000] Evelyn hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:02:55 2000] Shiblon bows his head in reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:02 2000] Crystasia says, 'Shortly we will send Myristica to rest in the Ocean of Tears.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:05 2000] Leawena bows.
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:30 2000] Leawena cries.
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:34 2000] Seini looks at the tear stains, knowing that she shall never clean this simple garnet again.
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:36 2000] Crystasia says, 'The order of Veeshan will take all who wish to go'
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:44 2000] Talok kneels in a moment of prayer.
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:48 2000] Serane nods solemnly.
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:54 2000] Mystwind nods.
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:58 2000] Shiblon nods.
[Fri Jul 07 19:03:58 2000] Crystasia says, 'Please be patient while we make arrangements'
[Fri Jul 07 19:04:03 2000] Seini nods.
[Fri Jul 07 19:04:06 2000] Rokenn weeps for 'Leighs and Korendel's loss.
[Fri Jul 07 19:04:15 2000] Leawena cries over the loss.
[Fri Jul 07 19:04:18 2000] Abelard would like to go.
[Fri Jul 07 19:04:22 2000] Pyrotech hugs Calistaah.
[Fri Jul 07 19:04:29 2000] Shiblon comforts Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:04:59 2000] Shiblon says, 'I will not fight today I will mourn'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:06 2000] You say, 'Same here'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:18 2000] Cylus says, 'Aye'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:21 2000] Crystasia says, 'Please. We can only transport to Ocean of Tears for the ceremony. Nowhere else for the time being'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:28 2000] Karasham says, 'May the spirit and soul of Myristica watch over you all, and keep you safe and strong in your journeys!'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:30 2000] Seini says, 'Tis my will also'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:35 2000] Tinytoes says, 'I will kill like mad I must release my sorrow in the warrior way'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:37 2000] Shiblon says, 'Amen.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:46 2000] You say to your guild, 'There is more at Ocean of Tears.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:50 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'Seems I got it back just in time'
[Fri Jul 07 19:05:54 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Oki.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:06:21 2000] Crystasia says, 'Please contact Sevior or Serane fore transportation to the Ocean of Tears'
[Fri Jul 07 19:06:29 2000] Tinytoes feels better.
[Fri Jul 07 19:06:44 2000] You told Serane, 'Moshkiae, plz'
[Fri Jul 07 19:06:44 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Thanks'
[Fri Jul 07 19:06:59 2000] Shiblon says, 'Aye, twas nothing at all'
[Fri Jul 07 19:07:02 2000] You have been summoned by the gods!


Part 4

The Ocean of Tears finale


[Fri Jul 07 19:07:02 2000] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...

[Fri Jul 07 19:07:30 2000] You have entered Ocean of Tears.
[Fri Jul 07 19:07:31 2000] Pyrotech hugs Calistaah.
[Fri Jul 07 19:07:44 2000] Ayia says, 'Whoa so many GMs'
[Fri Jul 07 19:08:01 2000] You say to your guild, 'Make sure you tell the GM's about it if you all want to come to the Ocean of Tears.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:08:18 2000] Peris says, 'Memorial service m'lady'
[Fri Jul 07 19:08:20 2000] Berrek bows.
[Fri Jul 07 19:08:22 2000] Moshkiae waves at Berrek.
[Fri Jul 07 19:08:45 2000] Ayia says, 'The mournful'
[Fri Jul 07 19:08:47 2000] Ayia says, 'Did someone die?'
[Fri Jul 07 19:08:49 2000] Cenar bows before Serane.
[Fri Jul 07 19:08:59 2000] Rokenn thanks the Order of Veeshan for their service today.
[Fri Jul 07 19:09:13 2000] Peris says, 'Aye a RL friend who shall no longer grace our lives'
[Fri Jul 07 19:09:27 2000] Cylus kneels before Serane in humility and reverence.
[Fri Jul 07 19:10:01 2000] Serane says, 'Most welcomes friends, I'm honored to play my part.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:10:13 2000] Cenar hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:10:48 2000] Sevior hugs Seini.
[Fri Jul 07 19:10:57 2000] Seini giggles at Sevior.
[Fri Jul 07 19:11:12 2000] Rokenn comforts Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:11:15 2000] Korendel brushes the tears back from her face.
[Fri Jul 07 19:11:47 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'Have you guys been ported yet?'
[Fri Jul 07 19:11:52 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Yeah'
[Fri Jul 07 19:11:53 2000] You say to your guild, 'Yes'
[Fri Jul 07 19:12:03 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'Still waiting'
[Fri Jul 07 19:12:12 2000] You say to your guild, 'Sevior'
[Fri Jul 07 19:12:21 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Send him a tell'
[Fri Jul 07 19:12:37 2000] Rokenn cries.
[Fri Jul 07 19:12:45 2000] Sevior comforts Rokenn.
[Fri Jul 07 19:12:48 2000] Korendel continues to cry.
[Fri Jul 07 19:12:53 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Is there anywhere around here that I can get a torch from?'
[Fri Jul 07 19:13:09 2000] Cenar comforts Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:13:15 2000] Cannelle says, 'Thank you'
[Fri Jul 07 19:13:17 2000] Sevior comforts Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:13:24 2000] Mystwind comforts Korendel and wipes away her and Leigh's tears.
[Fri Jul 07 19:13:40 2000] Korendel manages shakey smiles for all her friends.

[Fri Jul 07 19:13:42 2000] A brief silence settles over the ocean of tears. A strong breeze passes over you filling your soul with memories as the clouds begin to fill the sky.
[Fri Jul 07 19:14:14 2000] The heavens begin to shed their tears.
[Fri Jul 07 19:14:24 2000] It begins to rain.
(Ed. How appropriate that it would start raining ... like being blessed!)

[Fri Jul 07 19:14:59 2000] Rokenn mingles his tears with those of the heavens.
[Fri Jul 07 19:15:16 2000] Cenar kneels down.
[Fri Jul 07 19:15:25 2000] Shiblon salutes the gods in pure admiration.
[Fri Jul 07 19:15:27 2000] Serane weeps with the gods.

[Fri Jul 07 19:15:48 2000] Within the mists.. the form of a ship can be seen.

[Fri Jul 07 19:16:31 2000] Cannelle sniffles and cries a bit.
[Fri Jul 07 19:17:59 2000] You say to your guild, 'I feel like Dylan Thomas ... I want to get drunk!'
[Fri Jul 07 19:18:19 2000] Glug, glug, glug... You take a swig of Short Beer.
[Fri Jul 07 19:18:19 2000] Ahhh. That was refreshing.
[Fri Jul 07 19:18:21 2000] Glug, glug, glug... You take a swig of Short Beer.
[Fri Jul 07 19:18:21 2000] Ahhh. That was refreshing.
[Fri Jul 07 19:18:23 2000] Korendel says, 'T'was not a GM, but a fellow player . a friend .'
[Fri Jul 07 19:18:27 2000] Serane says, 'The Mournful . the saddest ship in Norrath'
[Fri Jul 07 19:18:58 2000] Roxie hugs Cenar.

[Fri Jul 07 19:19:05 2000] A ghostly crew steps forth from the ship. Bringing aboard the still form of the adventurer Myristica. Slowly... as her body is taken aboard the ghostly ship. Her form begins to rise up from the once still body.

[Fri Jul 07 19:20:01 2000] Leawena cries.
[Fri Jul 07 19:20:26 2000] Tinytoes cries getting his beard wet.
[Fri Jul 07 19:21:08 2000] Shiblon wonders where the ship of the Gods is...
[Fri Jul 07 19:21:09 2000] Leawena kneels down.
[Fri Jul 07 19:22:02 2000] Dumah kneels down.

[Fri Jul 07 19:22:04 2000] Turning to face her companions. Myristica's form waves farewell. Before turning away... she blows a kiss to her friends. The ship presses forth, taking the Heroine to a new adventure... in new lands.

[Fri Jul 07 19:22:27 2000] Tinket smiles proudly through her tears.
[Fri Jul 07 19:22:47 2000] Dumah cries.
[Fri Jul 07 19:22:58 2000] Berrek comforts Dumah.

[Fri Jul 07 19:23:07 2000] The ship fades away as it came... Into the mists..

[Fri Jul 07 19:23:07 2000] Tinytoes cries uncontrollably.
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:19 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Why, why does this have to happen !'
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:23 2000] Leawena cries
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:26 2000] Rokenn sobs overcome by grief.
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:30 2000] Lesile begins to cast a spell.
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:35 2000] Seini says, 'Tis part of life friend .'
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:43 2000] Leawena says, 'Life sucks'
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:49 2000] Cenar cries.
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:50 2000] Dumah cries.
[Fri Jul 07 19:23:54 2000] Tinytoes says, 'Indeed it can'

[Fri Jul 07 19:24:12 2000] Korendel stares after the ship, long after it disappears, her tears mingling with the rain.
[Fri Jul 07 19:24:23 2000] Dumah cries.
[Fri Jul 07 19:24:35 2000] Seini says, 'Tis what we make of it, Myrstica did her best'
[Fri Jul 07 19:24:55 2000] Rokenn says, 'Let's move to the docks'
[Fri Jul 07 19:25:06 2000] Kerner cries.
[Fri Jul 07 19:25:11 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Hear, hear.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:25:13 2000] Peris is surrounded by a brief aura.
[Fri Jul 07 19:25:14 2000] Wulfheart says, 'Hmm .'
[Fri Jul 07 19:25:20 2000] Leawena mourns over another lose.
[Fri Jul 07 19:25:32 2000] Yondo lays his hand on Korendel's shoulder and leans in to say a few words of comfort.
[Fri Jul 07 19:25:33 2000] Dynamism tells the guild, 'I'm not a bard but I run with the pack as if I were'
[Fri Jul 07 19:26:07 2000] Korendel continues to cry, her whole form shaking with silent tears.
[Fri Jul 07 19:26:38 2000] Karasham says, 'Karasham's heart is lightened a bit by the show of love from so many people! he cries for everyone'
[Fri Jul 07 19:27:01 2000] Rokenn cries with Korendel comforting her as best he can.
[Fri Jul 07 19:27:11 2000] Cenar hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:27:33 2000] Tinket says, 'Who needs a ride back . we can get you to your destinations'
[Fri Jul 07 19:27:46 2000] Tinytoes says, 'I do'
[Fri Jul 07 19:27:50 2000] Calistaah hugs Pyrotech.
[Fri Jul 07 19:27:53 2000] Pyrotech hugs Calistaah.
[Fri Jul 07 19:28:08 2000] You told Tinket, 'Highpass or Freeport'
[Fri Jul 07 19:28:21 2000] Mystwind says, 'And I.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:28:50 2000] Karasham says, 'May I have a lift back to WK?'
[Fri Jul 07 19:28:57 2000] Wulfheart hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:29:07 2000] Yondo hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:29:07 2000] Talok hugs Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:29:28 2000] Korendel hugs everyone in the vicinity.
[Fri Jul 07 19:29:42 2000] Rokenn waves to 'Leigh.
[Fri Jul 07 19:29:44 2000] Rokenn waves.
[Fri Jul 07 19:29:46 2000] Karasham says, 'Hail the Siren's Bane'
[Fri Jul 07 19:30:02 2000] Korendel smiles softly to Rokenn.
[Fri Jul 07 19:30:12 2000] Korendel nods.
[Fri Jul 07 19:30:21 2000] Korendel says, 'Thank you for coming, friend . Thank you all .'
[Fri Jul 07 19:30:39 2000] Wulfheart says, 'I'm always here for you whether you need me or not'
[Fri Jul 07 19:30:42 2000] Wulfheart bows before Korendel.
[Fri Jul 07 19:30:53 2000] Wulfheart says, 'You have a strong soul'
[Fri Jul 07 19:30:53 2000] Calistaah waves goodbye to everyone.
[Fri Jul 07 19:30:58 2000] Calistaah says, 'Thanks for having us'
[Fri Jul 07 19:31:00 2000] Berrek waves back.
[Fri Jul 07 19:31:02 2000] Pyrotech waves goodbye to everyone.
[Fri Jul 07 19:31:08 2000] Shiblon says, 'Goodbye Calistaah'
[Fri Jul 07 19:31:08 2000] Calistaah hugs Pyrotech.
[Fri Jul 07 19:31:10 2000] Yondo thanks Serane heartily.
[Fri Jul 07 19:31:11 2000] Pyrotech begins to cast a spell.
[Fri Jul 07 19:31:18 2000] Talok begins to cast a spell.
[Fri Jul 07 19:31:18 2000] You have been summoned by the gods!

[Fri Jul 07 19:31:18 2000] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...

[Fri Jul 07 19:32:14 2000] Moshkiae bows before Vesta.
[Fri Jul 07 19:32:19 2000] Vesta says, 'It was a lovely poem that you read. Thank you'
[Fri Jul 07 19:32:26 2000] Vesta bows before Moshkiae.
[Fri Jul 07 19:32:34 2000] You petition, 'A humblest thank you for the wonderful work you all did'
[Fri Jul 07 19:33:44 2000] You told Korendel, 'Hold your head up. ... with much heart and love ... I hope to get a chance to play with you sometime. Yours truly'
[Fri Jul 07 19:36:17 2000] Trez tells you, 'Hail Guide Trez here, Thank you, I am sorry for your loss, and glad we could assist, if only in a small way'
[Fri Jul 07 19:36:41 2000] You told Trez, 'NP. It's Korendel's, but I had a chance to help as well'
[Fri Jul 07 19:37:15 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Ok man. Moshkiae, you still want to get drunk? I'll be in the Jade Tavern.'
[Fri Jul 07 19:37:25 2000] You say to your guild, 'Calling it. Thx'
[Fri Jul 07 19:37:41 2000] Berrek tells the guild, 'Ok have a good night. I'll just drink alone.'

[Fri Jul 07 19:37:45 2000] You tell your guild, 'I think it is time to either write a poem or hit some sleep. I don't want to feel jaded, off key, or anything, but it will be too hard to concentrate on playing much for the rest of today."

 Part 5

Moshkiae Wonders


Almost three months have passed

and to this day, I read these words

and their heart, words,are blessed

and I can not forget,

still I cry,

still I think,

still I wonder,


still I feel empty inside,

for lack of words,

for lack of feelings,

that can accurately






in a game.

But it was nice, even if a dream

that something's in the life stream

still come by your full screen vision

and show you that feeling, a division,

to your heart, mind, love and lore

will come around often heretofore

show us, that we have to be humble

and occasionally say, prey, stumble,

into various friends, lives and loves

that hardly teach you ...



but they touch your very heart soul

with strength that takes its toll


causing you to remember, or forget,

your daily troubles,

as your mind fogs

and your vision wonders,



is it an end,

is it a beginning,


and yet,

on this one day,

here we were,

next to Myristica


did it mean anything?

was it worth anything?


I was there,

I still remember,

and felt I had to write this,

as if it meant something,


it has, for me.

What is it, I sit here and wonder,

the meaning of the whole, sad event

that took place on that very somber

day, when in a hot temple, a moment

passed me by, and touched my shoulder

and let me know something far inside

that I can carry with me, rise bolder,

into another year of my life to abide

with myself, with my soul, and spirit

so I can learn to live, love, and prey

with the full heart, heaven near it,

Norrath's map, with a script gone astray,


nothing, I see nothing, but some respect,

or perhaps a hope that I won't face this

kind of demon, ever, forever, life or game,


and that I can once in a while, expect

that a few well placed feelings amiss,

with words and heart, any disease, tame.

And this, I wish to share, with many others,

and hope that it means something,

that can be used,


in a life,

even if it was,

just a game.


Part 6

Moshkiae receives a message

I've come to the end

of the great blue yonder


all the magic's,

seem so mundane,






I look back

at my resting love,

my so special friend


think of my own



how I miss her




and a quest,




that many spoke of,

some played,

and I lived with


and some

write about


strange that a Bard

who drinks, plays hard

is to write a memory

of a duet, a story


to make it live further on

and rest on a great pantheon


not just my memory


but many other hearts


a tale of a tragic story,

today, rests in all glory


as a new day long beckons,

and a mind rests, eyes flicker

jolting our own vision, I reckon


my portal has come,

and I will leave,



you and I




Moshkiae Soulmender


An Informational Journey Into A Creative Echonet [931001]
(C) Copyright "I Write, Therefore, I Develop" By Paul Lauda

Come one, come all! Welcome to the newsgroup alt.centipede. Established just for writers, poets, artists, and anyone who is creative. A place for anyone to participate in, to share their poems, and learn from everything and everyone. A place to share *your* dreams, and philosophies. Even a chance to be published in a magazine. The original Centipede Network was created on May 16, 1993. Created because there were no other networks dedicated to such an audience, and with the help of Klaus Gerken, Centipede soon started to grow, and become active on many world-wide Bulletin Board Systems. We consider Centipede to be a Public Network; however, its a specialized network, dealing with any type of creative thinking. Therefore, it makes us something quite exotic, since most nets are very general and have various topics, not of interest to a writer--which is where the Centipede steps in! No more fuss. A writer can now access, without phasing out any more conferences, since the whole net pertains to the writer's interests. This means that Centipede has all the active topics that any creative user seeks. And if we don't, then one shall be created. Feel free to drop by and take a look at Newsgroup alt.centipede

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But for once, I can say, that I am proud to have added a small inch of a contribution, although Klaus deserves all the credit for this. I wish I could come up with a couple more issues per year ... but fates have been hard for the past three years, specially my vision ... making this alone will force me into bed for a couple of hours ... but I can't help it.

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THE WIZARD EXPLODED SONGBOOK (1969), songs by Klaus J. Gerken
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ACTS (1972) a novel by Klaus J. Gerken
RITES (1974), a novel by Klaus J. Gerken
FULL BLACK Q (1975), a poem by Klaus J. Gerken
ONE NEW FLASH OF LIGHT (1976), a play by Klaus J. Gerken
THE BLACKED-OUT MIRROR (1979), a poem by Klaus J. Gerken
JOURNEY (1981), a poem by Klaus J. Gerken
LADIES (1983), a poem by Klaus J. Gerken
FRAGMENTS OF A BRIEF ENCOUNTER (1984), poems by Klaus J. Gerken
THE BREAKING OF DESIRE (1986), poems by Klaus J. Gerken
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THE AFFLICTED (1991), a poem by Klaus J. Gerken
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CALIBAN'S DREAM (1996-1997), a poem by Klaus J. Gerken

SHACKLED TO THE STONE, by Albrecht Haushofer - translated by JR Wesdorp
MZ-DMZ (1988), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
DARK SIDE (1991), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
STEEL REIGNS & STILL RAINS (1993), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
BLATANT VANITY (1993), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
ALIENATION OF AFFECTION (1993), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
LIVING LIFE AT FACE VALUE (1993), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
HATRED BLURRED (1993), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
CHOKING ON THE ASHES OF A RUNAWAY (1993), ramblings by I. Koshevoy
BORROWED FEELINGS BUYING TIME (1993), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
HARD ACT TO SWALLOW (1994), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
HALL OF MIRRORS (1994), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy
ARTIFICIAL BUOYANCY (1994), ramblings by Igal Koshevoy

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