YGDRASIL: A Journal of the Poetic Arts

March 2008

VOL XVI, Issue 3, Number 179

Special Guest Editor this Issue: Heather Ferguson

Editor: Klaus J. Gerken

Production Editor: Heather Ferguson

European Editor: Mois Benarroch

Contributing Editors: Michael Collings; Jack R. Wesdorp; Oswald Le Winter

Previous Associate Editors: Igal Koshevoy; Evan Light; Pedro Sena

ISSN 1480-6401


Gnomix by Jack R. Wesdorp

Evocation: Phandaal pandelume verhaal gnome d'plume!
Exhortus: Dixit exultate! Hexit conflagrate!
Riddle: I'm deep and cold with little flames and very old what is my name?
God: One smart cookie, lucky with stuff, nice looking, good fucker.
Melody: Her secret name, mercury flame, that she will spill into children.
Proper Gifts: The universe is feminine. She likes purses shoes gems and gin.
Cookies: She bakes main line uranium snake up your spine butter cupcakes.
Bouquet: If god invited me to her shack for dinner I’d bring her aconite spikenard and linden.
Altruist: I'll fix your bad, make you feel great, the best you've had naked first date.
Carnelian: Stare in this! Shekinah may we share the same wine.
Faith: She's never here nor over there under far near she's everywhere.
Brochure: Large loft for rent, exposed rafters, premises warped by gravity.
Dark Matter: Some of it yearns for gravity, unraveling its persistence.
Light: Not as much fun as the black stuff where titanic banging gets done.
Starburst: Palindrome lightning rose theremin omphalos.
Steady State: Life always is everywhere now crazy busy wearing flowers.
Infinity: She's a steady slavering ball. If you get it you'll have it all.
Numbers: All things as, every move, truthful, fast, and heavy.
Relativity: The faster it go the older it get, it has to be so or nothing am yet.
Nunnie: To cross the abyss you can come through me if you kiss my slit I'm pretty yummy.
World: Cooling molten slag crumped into a ball spinning through blackwolt jewel wanderer.
Galaxies: Pretty curls on grownups, little girls that don't stop.
Black Holes: It's full of stars, harbor hookers in kitchen bars where witches cook.
Snot: Every durn party something big blows, starlets with heartburn or god her nose.
Carbon: Wizard sparkle dragon ladder mirror Image trackless wander.
The Hoopsnake: Pretty important, don't take no shit, not even the lord makes love with it.
Seventeen: Fool of life lives alone, fucks herself into stone.
Calleth: Sister dark outside other like than me ride in my crafting across yon abyss.
Gulf: She hails from shore, "courage, sailor!" He comes across by coracle.
Dichotomy: Divergence of light, apposite views, lionheart courage, flight of phantoms.
Beelzebub: Take your flies and split! I conjure ye beast by snake-tongue toad-spit there's dung for your feast.
Adamant: Adam and Eve on an island, they ain't leaving, yeah they're smiling.
Great Mountains: Olympus Veneris Erebus Glimglaris.
Monsoon: Hailstone torrent, narrow channel, angel hair falls, verdant forest.
Wizardry: Om nobis exult to our greater good consecrant fexit by fire in wood.
Unicorn: First to be named, horny as hell, cannot be tamed except by Belle.
Bees: Adorn me! Gild the world with jonquil sweet color.
Seraphim: Eden is lost, I got the word straight from the boss. Don't cross my sword.
Murder: You'll balance that with your next life. Would you rather it's noose or knife?
Rot: Slime and smut first, molds pretty fast, volva lips pursed toadstools come last.
Sphincters: Don't leak, piss fast, or crazyclaw will chase your ass and eat it raw.
Prometheus: Sly fire giver with an iron rod, don't like fried liver since he pissed off god.
Wings: They went quacky, practically all except jackie pterodactyl.
Swarm: Birds, cicadas, sometimes lemmings, word is that space's humming with men.
Menu: Lionkill right quick, lightning fried wombat, bunny on a stick, duckie someone's mom.
Cat: Watch door, stalk foe, score snatch, know all.
Cave Door: Sling stone spit don't you dare, we sear our T-bone rare.
Garden: Blue maize dried gourds, private storage.
Shell Mound: Aeons of meet our niece lovely one wedding feast.
Pottery: Share a crab scallop shell turtle bowl yellow ware.
Chocolatl: Devil brew finger lick lefty good flicker blink.
Migration: Following mastodon leaving gall where we've gone.
Blood: Pretty scarlet good for smearing captives altars whorelips and spears.
Primal Gods: Mauna loa helter skelter holy joe mamabelle.
Reality: Dreams cut in quartz, atomic hands, pomegranates, deep ox cart ruts.
Saraswati: Pavilion carpet embroidered bunting harps to celebrate a triumphant hunt.
Vardon: Brookside estate, smiling children, stay still awhile, duke our future.
Circus Troope: Our king invites you to dinner; show us bright things of where you've been.
Pestis: Mau Mau mosquitoes, tarantula pox, mad cow all the meat, dead cacklebird flocks.
Liars: Vermin wicked scum won't trust you again, may your yellow tongue burn in hell amen.
Priestcraft: One for all you play good with my ball understood?
Cuicuilco: God's fire spiral down, die not what handed round.
Fear: Grendel is coming to getcha my dear with her horrible scum-bitch butcher gear.
Sorcery: Boogie foopa in fire wood, evil stench poof!--- everything's good.
Possum: Far away thunder, aliens at war, maybe having fun, unaware we are.
The Osirion: Probably one helluva haute gazebo for his boat.
Atlantis: Falling moon tidal wave, typhoon sky shadowpall.
Key Holes: Your very first fuck, a few without love, those that spew rockets and where there's no stuff.
Gates: Iron that reads arbeit macht frei, pearly you plead right when I die.
Doorstops: Little stone dog, loaf of stale bread, troglodyte oaf, fresh severed head.
Drudge: Grit sorter park lotter drum porter shit rotter.
Rude Sounds: Septic tanks, sauerkraut, chimpanzees ranking out.
Whiz Kid: Slingstone thing capture slave, I'll be king happycrave.
To Do List: Steal embers, grill beaver, leave gently, invent wheel.
Matches: What skein is this? A fairy's wand that offers flame when fondled so.
Magickal Places: Ring of Brodgar, gibraltar falls, antipodes, nowhere atoll.
Views: Flandersfield, stonehengedawn, lightning throne, panpiper.
Pharaoh: Incest weirdness bearded lady pantocrater snake demon crest.
Vault: Clay tablets, papyrus, granite slabs, surprise crap.
Babel: Proto european romani sanskrit basque otitis wedged between cathedral temple mosque.
Funky: Clotted oaf head with overtones of ammonia and rotting bone.
Plague: Mangy feller wears a weird hat don't trust strangers kill all them rats.
Warlords: Play political with the loot, jolly lickety rootietoot.
Bastard: Dad sent me to wed your kid; he's glad to be rid of me.
Mead Hall: The bishop welcomes you to his trencher and salt, if you drink too much glegg and puke fish that's your fault.
Poisons: A little for fun, a lot when you're done.
Great Wall: All that turfwar jerkwater gorilla fort didn't work.
Wyrd: Your reward corresponds to the sack you covet.
Longboat: Arrogant prow, elegant hull, avowed skellach dragon hunter.
Huns: Wild horse men, feared as wanton boors, reviled and smeared with lurid press.
Heads: Burn the pope, kill the king, bring a rope, hang that thing.
Machiavelli: Hi gang wonder what bum to hang.
Taxes: Blood from farmers so he can wage murder war and pander his rage.
Sedition: Bomb the barracks, lynch the lawyers, hench men, bankers, and royal scabs.
Gun: A coward's means espoused by scum, junkies, dumb teens, and governments.
Cannons: Deep dead business rips at our breast, red pestilence, for this we weep.
Trenches: There was one christmas when they all sang, we still regard this with plangent awe.
Book-burning: A hyena act didn't work either, then the leash went slack suicide leader.
Trinity: Oppie quoted, "now we've become death incarnate." I'm adding, "dumb."
Syllabus: Donald duck, kid named huck, asimov, nabokov.
Campfires: Hot dogs and beans coleslaw for lunch; smeared on your jeans marshmallow crunch.
Bedtime Stories: Rats on patrol, what hitler did, screaming battles, shit, sweet dreams kid.
Criminal Acts: Harpoon gun, titanic, 911, world bank.
Blood Drive: Must be healthy, not smell of eggs, legal to sell, walk on two legs.
Worse: Bonzo's straightman neutron bomb ray gunslinger hand way to go ron.
Real People: Brooklyn dodgers, grateful dead, fred rogers, first rate hookers.
Tim: Marathon trips sergeant pepper happy hippies reverend ware.
STP: Engine goop, stand to piss, unhinged dope, hysterics.
The Sixties: Indian teepee revival, skinnydip fleeting bee hive jive.
Welcome: Hands at journey's end, november table, pagoda lanterns, bethlehem stable.
Hippie House: Fabulous drafty walls rabble snot lotta balls.
Rawk!: Basic four four three chord structure freakout more so your beak ruptures.
Altamont: Omega mick biker traffic, final rictus of like laughter.
Oil: Wunnerful stuff, makes yer car go, skulliver snurf crowing for war.
Corn: As demented as gasoline dead class warfare mob ghetto scenes.
Evil: Vatican, bechtel spawn, macdonald's, and exxon.
Global Warming: Choking glare, pet icebergs, poaching rare white bear fur.
Yellow-cake: Costalot dish fissionable chocolate frosted on the missile.
Cookie Jar: Mine's bigger better snoot; we can lick your pig brutes.
Hardball: Hydrogen boom dim sun rattle rentaplatoon threaten battle.
Football: Screaming mud smeared guys in ogre mufti scrimmage for a prize: women, beer, vogue stuff.
Beer: Megabomp want some please, cause for celebration, impromptu pregnancies and civilization.
Jeep Heaven: Nimble naked women, no brakes.
Cheerleaders: Holy hot damn honeys cavorting on the grass courting pole, money, and who's got a slammin ass.
Pheromones: Here boys!---bone up getcha hot cunt better hurry spot splatt moan grunt.
One: It's the first thing we talk about, gimme a ring, he balk, she pout.
Debauch: What kinda drug's that, cocks in hot water, yep I'm getting fat hope it's a daughter.
Stupidity: Ain't no shortage: pissing upwind, swindled plaintiffs, aborted kids…
Daycare: TV not me gang head bang! dead.
Smear: Let's park the brood at camp lesson and stick our snoot in macwesson.
Geek: Primavera gonna explode herring in cream pie a la mode.
Mirror: What's that for, dad hates mom, got no date for the prom.
Vows: Girl of my hunger early each morning, first when we were young, now that we're promised.
Photo Op: Hurricane surf, girl you just kissed, and uncle perv in your sister.
Blinx: Nessie eats a sheep, the grim reaper smiles, oil heat gets cheaper, soylent greenbean trials.
Hope: Middle aged failed suicide marries kid HIV bride.
Famous Boinx: Leda and the swan, king kong you betcha, them lecherous dwarves, and satan prongfork.
Rape: Certainly mister hyde, little red riding hood, juicy ripper tight skirt leave the boots on, pussy.
Tomatoes: Grew em out here fucking A right, keeps ya teenie screwy skintight.
Ostara: April drizzle daffodil dance, grail with his shape on wizard glass.
Fertility Spell: Fits about right, come hither kid, prowl around nights, when in doubt, knit.
Karmic Warning #2: Incest is confusing, cats do it all the time, and pretty amusing except where it's a crime.
Mendel: Faggot rooster, lesbian hen, spruce up yer act or the line ends.
Voo Doo Doll: We favor candle wax, blood cum blind eyelids hair, baptize with zombie pox, its grave hidden nowhere.
Voo Doo Hand: Cut off a thief's hand, set it just like that in a crock of sand with bitter salt fat.
Booger: Scrabble bulging door, rabid hackle dog, fangoll carnivore skulking in the fog.
Black Magick: March march everybody march make my enemies be dead charcoal goddy damn sharkbait red-stain pope-robe miter-head.
Adverse: From sea to shining sea Be all that you can be From whom all blessings flow and Hey you never know.
Glory: Mostly dead kids and all you flock forced by shitheads to swallow crap.
Vet Letter: Johnny Q came home fried from the great war trenches, since he's a suicide you don't rate his pension.
Bell: Only at covens, carols at weddings, and holy office like tolling our dead.
Epiphany: [click] Electric bobs overhead, you've recognized what god just said.
Rachel: Booger snots hell to pay hope it's hot go away.
Malthus: Tenement cough bloody spit you piss me off eat this shit.
Nutrition: Recycled krill, snipe soaked in crap, vitamin pill, tapioca.
Kwashiorkor: Flies in your eyes, mom's hand feels cold, every one dies before they're old.
Flies: Just doin' our job. We like hot pets, why don'tcha kill dobbin and let'm rot.
Cigarettes: Most addictive dope I know, gets ya off quick, kills you slow.
Peace Process: We'll give you this stuff guaranteed enough to burn you suckers into glowing muck.
Pilgrimages: Cathedral trees stonehenge at dawn tomb of jesus avalon moon.
Please: String christmas tree lights on the pentagon, sing carols that night and make war be gone.
Antarctica: We'll never! make war in that awful place, nor in the weft of moon mars mines or space.
Tokamak: Basic physics, a real star drive, killer business, we have arrived.
Prophecy: Mecca goes blooey, don't act so surprised we know what you do, then medina fries.
Hyena Bastards: Emperors presidents damn cesspool governments.
Bureaucracy: Like king kong blip file these move along next hoop please.
Limbo: The great green greasy limpopo river, wading to a beach where only birds live.
Pisces: Loves to hang out in terminal places, ain't into bowing to time, worm, or space.
Swandive: Stroboscoptic hop skip and jump bop drop slope hope suspended bump.
Other Options: Lots of ‘em, never not, some of 'em short and hot.
Signposts: Holy cow this way; high road to monksville; tower or prison; alley to dumpster.
Train Station: Silent platform after monster, lantern greeting, graffiti tiles.
Reincarnation: Enter into pyramid, shelter go hide inhabit in here close lid pretend we died.
The Basics: Pretty good drugs in paradise, no mutant bugs, champion nice.
Shore: Always terminal, sometimes a ferry, alabaster worm, no time to be scared.
Dragon Hoard: Invisible hat, bottomless wallet, big ass slartibart whatchamacallit.
Roister: All of these are your mansions, fields of barley, fulsome grapes, aphrodisiac dances with odalisque shadow shapes.
Dottle: Tobacco scoria, churchwarden dregs, slackjaw euphoria, wobbly legs.
Landed Gentry: Howling cannibals, indigenous scum, bandicoot snouters, aborigines.
Pig and Pander: Hoot hoot the fleet's in, everybody works, congenial greetings, godless scenes; loot; corks.
Bendy's: Big basilica drum beat all that summer beer in port, fresh bread with obvious meat, they's a friendly sort out here.
Inventory: Rakish do mop, thingie in gear, no fake boob job, did you bring beer?
Wish List: Horny fifteen, eat like a horse, rainbow sheen skin, never get bored.
Sacrifice: Cot. All rise. Syringe thorn, do not cringe, mother's eyes.
Thymus Blastoma: This is the cell line whence longlife takes root. Please. Treat him kindly, his name is Rajut.
Pontifex: Those who want it can have it. The tontine goes to Ravi.
Parthenogenesis: Go pollinate your therebint; don't need no mate, don't really care.
Soon: Science and Art burn with one flame, kids get born smart, god alle same.
Immortality: You get real careful with your backup sys, maintain a bellaire, don't get on no lists.
Last Epitaph: Hissylout moneydud he went out pissin blood.
Marble: The best we boast to scroll your pass, allay your ghost with holy mass.
Domiciles: Tunnelcan, kivadome, damnbunker, roaminvan.
Great Addresses: Peg leg alley, the borzoi ridge, havasu falls, rue sortilege.
Portigo: Basilisk threshold eye, historic graceful sign.
Ships: Iridium hulls, receding shore, black hole propulsion, infinite lore.
Trex: All sorts of questing beast far into the ozone, big bandersnatch at least and slarketh long-noses.
Geomancy: Move the asteroids a little closer, lanthanide alloys we want some of those.
Reefer: Exotic pharmacy brought back by rumpot gobs in the discharge of war during smuggling jobs.
Watering Holes: Saturn hilton, pluto hotel, milliways grill, frosty's in hell.
Fibonacci: Aboriginal artifacts, smaragdine tablets.
Phenomena: Jewels of ophir, galactic bazaars, betelgeuse sophont, flecked budgerigars.
Cyborg: Artificial heart, molybdenum knees, smart sexual parts attach as you please.
Accessories: Electric broom, nuclear boots, streaming vidloom, behemoth zoot.
Schizophrenia: The more nanoskin the better you feel, last time I scanned him my balls were still real.
Time Travel: Negative wyrd gravity drive, already here when you arrive.
Infrequencies: Organic virgins, original stock, crooked energy, stuff that really locks.
Enduring Names: Einstein, begoom, sonshine, roomi.
Extinct Jobs: Analog artist, menopausal bitch, narcotics banker, suspicious doggie.
Resumé: Altar hostess, outpost minstrix, window model, body smelter.
Objets d'Art: Hoover sucker, driveway blower, drain unstucker, riding mower.
Magical Things: Flitter wing, rainbow pot, infinite microdot.
Map: X marks the spot, key that unlocks genie bottle pandora box.
Gypsies: Calcium, human spores, nepali wandelore.
Flux: Diaspora foment silver seed aswarm; in the dome of heaven spiders warm their need.
ALFs: Gullycrabs, gabblegulps, bulbous glands, and snaggers.
Home: Trek the hourglass to terminus, take a flower to breakfast.
Fountain: Bluepelt therebint comes to wash her child, man that hari's mint everybooby smiles.
Genome: Green pegasus for your birthday, long legged tusks not seen on earth.
Transmutation: Lead into gold, nuclear fuel, never grow old, lotus bloom jewel.
Pergola: Grapevine trellis, carved marble couch, matched dining shells, two apes crouching.
Niknax: Pet red dwarf, model bang, rainbow jar, dragon fang.
Keepers: Telescopes, honey bees, faith and hope, rectious knees.
Clox: It don't matter if they tix, we ain't gotta measure nix.
Hermuts: We wish you all well stay away from here, if you must raise hell bring morphine and beer.
Martian Maxim: Infinity can't be filled, but a tontine can be tolled.
Pandelume: Fabulous magician who granted our wishes.
Inheritance: Radioactive dust tracked across the carpet, lichen encrusted sand, forsaken parapets.
Wrecking Ball: Cannibal orgy at the rococo where we gorge on man just before he croaks.
Museum: Spacious gardens, immense palace, marble staircase, little closet.
Trove: Odd derelicts, some bioplast, scary pictures of the last guy.
Ravi: Downriver, don't look back, we have lived our praxis.
Etymology: Tagalog, polyglot, gekkodog, protomek.
Sculpture: Delicate waif in rhodalite, our favorite soul taking flight.
Vehemence: Kyrie pestis, malmsey is revived, lux tenebrae est psalm among the hives.
Organa: Reverberation diapason adoramus steropticon.
Meknos: Graceful curved art, putative dint of saturn quartz, faceless footprints.
Gauss: Fantastic sparkle-soul specters haunt whole planets.
Digs: Robot idols, pedestal gods, broken lightning, abandoned pots.
Omphalos: Hitching post of the word where holy ghosts are stored.
Last Supper: Courtly dances by hippogriffs and nyphelhyme grazing the oort.
Balance Pan: Did we do alright, is it worth again, must you judge the pride of our witherken?
Embers: Remember when stars shone and we were free to live patrin-bent to a stone? I'd give my throne for that…
Libation: Fleur du mal morphine drip dragon's blood in a flip.
Azrael: All impartial, boss, move along down there more are possible you're all gone? Farewell.
Flowers: Hyacinth, pomplemoes, terrebinth, theradouce.
Music: The last song that matters is a long caterwaul.
Entropy: When everything stops. No! is the word and the bottom drops into nowhere.
Catalog: Gazillion forms oombogagill flying goworms mostly killers.
The Weight: Arthropods were big, spider forms with brains, longpigs not so hot, bit-knot in the skein.
License to Depart: Put the book down, look at your butt, don't hang around, this gate is shut.
Heels: God's tired feet brook no tracks nor look back.
Appendix: What's this slitty hot bit of oh! bang! snot? 2 / 8 / 2008


Post Scriptum Gnomic (Gr: "opinion") verse is curt and concise, summarizing the truth of reality, ranging from divine expression to common experience. Among the Greeks Lobon is notorious, but his collection is lost; the marginata of Theognis point at other putative masters; Pythagoras wrote some on the nature of infinity; and Sophocles expanded his meager threads into broadcloth drama. Persian and Vedic poetry abounds in aphorism and much of Snorri's Icelandic Edda is gnomic. Hans Rosenpluet wrote a scandalous priamel series at Nuremberg ca. 1450, and there's several collections of English Maxims which embellish the morality plays. Oriental minimalist haiku has flourished since Bashõ (1644-1694). Most of the world's gnomic verse seem to be springboards to extensive ethical discourse; some are magickal (note the Aphorisms of Patanjali); some are prophetic (cf: Nostradamus and Daniel 9:27); and some are actually funny (Nash, Murphy, Hallmark). One could argue that mathematical formulae are absolutely gnomic---perhaps Einstein is our best poet. Musical tablature is symbolic brevity transcendent in scope. What god writes in her diary when she gets home from work is where I plug in. Do thou likewise. : ) * Copyright (c) 2008 Jack R. Wesdorp


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