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October 2009

VOL XVII, Issue 10, Number 197

Editor: Klaus J. Gerken

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This poem is called Head Shed. 

Two parts of it have appeared on line. 

The first part I called Head Shed, the first 18 lines appeared in Big Bridge. 

The last part Epigenesis on Temple Mount is at Dpress 

(from a chapbook of this they did). 

The entire, edited, consolidated, expanded, and "complete" poem 

has never been published on line.

Michael Rothenberg 

Michael Rothenberg


I Legacy for sale at End Times Resurrection bodies on loan Tribulation, divination, dispensation Split the moon Form is all the rage It’s too fucking late for redemption Blue jays murder finches like madmen in Iraq There are no straight lines found anywhere in nature Heat waves flood and submerge the Nation The whole green planet drips, drips, drips A musical dichotomy of poles going extinct Worms turn in the squash garden II Chimney blows blue smoke Fat creek booms Wholly terrified sleep Conflict diamonds Smuggled through the night I awake to the big picture history mantra! James Brown lies in state At The Apollo Theater Peace demands a public hanging


Here comes the garbage truck Media trash bagged for universal incineration Sunrise Sanitation Co bills every second Monday Of every Second Coming "This year at war continues. . ." God kills! Rhododendron leaves curl in the freeze Ice crunchy mud Hell frozen over Chile rellenos keep me warm III I cut out a picture of a full moon Paste it beside a Möbius Strip Capture language I bury my head in my hands A white book sails through the sky Pages rustle like a deck of cards I read from the future Creek melodies I grow bald before I turn gray It’s the year of the pig IV Mailquake Stressbox Palindrome Shun, shun, shun Miss Manners co-opts for Calvinism. polite Liberalism about WAR Fro-Zen See silent protest See boycott * Monk returns from ashes sets the record straight Bells ring in Katmandu! * Iraqi babies dead Bombed Lebanese babies dead Turn to "Turning Wheel" For instructions on how to act and feel * I found a baby crying in the street Occasionally they wander out alone, these kids Whatever. . . Saturday in August Slaughter continues Gnaw, gnaw, yes Three coffees and a dry bowl of cereal V Some nights I can’t sleep Or scream Splash of red leaves Clutters the driveway There’s rain everywhere But the creek is dry Jazz tells me what to think Hardball plays hardball VI Birth pains of Venus Uranium Desert Anarchy Bowls Seals Trumpets Oh, Mad monk of Ephemeral Embalmment! Rapture Index: Moderate to Heavy prophetic activity Gorgonzola & walnut ravioli from Michael McClure "Invasion of The Thunderbolt Pagoda" from Ira Cohen Sundance with Jampa Dorje (The) energy goes to Heaven VII Guerneville to Goat Rock Too cold to get out I want to go home and sleep but can’t The election is won, George And I’m beside myself with hope Desperation is a cornucopia of conquest Invasion, occupation of Thanksgiving Remorse is a rodeo in West Texas "Painting in the dark..." White chickens beside a pearly gate The election is won VIII To document my own death & art Brad and Angelina, Cezanne Afraid of every minute Britney Spears may have a baby in Namibia "You have a cold, that’s all. You’re not dying!" I am dying, any second now. . . A banyan tree falls through the roof Volcano explodes in Indonesia Shoe bomber kills ten in Baghdad mosque Writing with devotion To transform existence The woman’s head rolls Out of the cab of her husband’s truck Paul McCartney’s birthday falls on Sunday, "Yesterday" A previously unknown letter written by Mary Shelley is discovered at an antiques fair in Tuscany, Italy. I follow ashes that eventually disappear Death comes too close I write myself to sleep IX I walk the dog down the country road He pants, old, tumorous, tugs the leash Ripe blackberries in a thorny tangle ‘round the mail box. Lilies scorched Almost lunchtime, getting hungrier The dog thinks all Art is futile X Spontaneous Expurgation Doodles & sketches All in Time will Heal Vanishing Windows Cloudy Eyes Slide on Copper Wire Between Wisdom and Obedience Defiance Wakes a New Order Smokestacks & Refineries Raw Tongue on Broken Teeth Splashing Firestorm XI "Deep in the shady sadness of a Vale" "Break the cross, spill the wine" Ice on the car and sky electric XII I don’t want to see the end of the world But somebody has written a soundtrack XIII EPIGENISIS ON TEMPLE MOUNT Titulus: Bobblehead Bisrima "Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry" Oracle of Mt. Hula Hula Buried in white shrouds for stoning Second Coming of Stayaway Saint Brocken spectre Walpurgisnacht Golden-armed Soldiers of Moral Liberation Bonfire of Darwinian acolytes Jihadist cremated for delatio domini Magic birth quantum entanglement Repent! Matthew 25:13 Luke 21:36 Peter 3:9 Timothy 6:14 Titus 2:13 Repent! Inflationary speculative wailing Celestial fire Blood sacrifice in dream time Zodiac Kabobs of Humanist Silverfish Nuclear Calendars of Talmudic Salvation Midnight cyclone of dragon horn and ash Heavenly mountaintops tremble Under Esdras Paul and Saint Perpetua shawled in smoke and semen Mohammed and Sibylline hooves Songs of sodomizing rams and glory! "Agere dare ferre or tollere in crucem" Gloom of oil engorged shit clouds of fear Skoll devours the sun His brother Hati eats the moon Unholy retribution Legislated ecstasy Pandemic influenza Dysautonomic Night shakes Subterfuge of franchised Glossolalia Monopoly Bondage Justice and Horror Strikes Invasions Vagrancy and Plague Insurgencies of the veil Shugyo Hathor Krishna Vishnu Maitreya Buddha Slayer Cannibal Corpse Sepultura "Agere dare ferre or tollere in crucem" Flagellations of False Prophets Fixed Dice of Zoroaster Hoodlum Texas Presidents Imams of Atlantis and New Zion Clairvoyant Kings of East and West 10:50 am September 16 Poppies smuggled in bowels of toy whales Biblical prophylactics Elysian Fields Injected in rotted veins of terminal Idealists Wind up crackhead dolls Disney Bunker Buster puppets Video Sanhedrin Mules of Apostasy Mark of the Beast Supernatural moral quacks Dogmas and Decrees Hysteria Celebratory disunity Universal planetary gangrene God Democracy Theocracy Reed Fields Prick Screw bolt Witches Brew Arbor infelix Circumambulation L Arbre du Ténéré Churches robberies slander prophetic impersonations Mediocrity Temples of Persia Israel and Gog Tonatiuh the Rising Eagle Council of Steroid Magicians Gotterdammerung Pole shift Earth change Cosmic convergence Hajj. . . "Take ye heed watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is." July24-November 26, 2006


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