YGDRASIL: A Journal of the Poetic Arts

February 2011

VOL XIX, Issue 2, Number 214

Editor: Klaus J. Gerken

Production Editor: Heather Ferguson

European Editor: Mois Benarroch

Contributing Editors: Michael Collings; Jack R. Wesdorp; Oswald Le Winter

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Joie de Vivre By Henry Avignon


Joie de Vivre By Henry Avignon PREFACE I awoke in you filled to the lip of conscious- ness ethereal and dualistic with carnal patience exposing mutual, expression- less letting muscle-speak in metered gesture irreverently living with fear(s) dis- possession owning the confusion not eating of joy or of sounds and thus now inter- locked limbs and lines lets taste of the other's peel its hard not to feel and harder still the work of us manifesting the real recovery of multi-trinities and shared satiations the sexuality of all things and taking heart in the esoterica of discovery its self- less we need as nothing else and the echoes of shadows reflecting. 1. WITHOUT A MINIMUM AWARENESS OF TOTALITY I Turning toward whatever might is (it) possible finding the orchard in heat blossoms casting off chastities every One permeated by perfume like a swollen moon falling off the night sky as tussled sheets the slightly grayed potencies of mercilessness and perspiring night tree(s) nakedly hung- ripened knives and restless horses prickling breeze- brushed bodies seen or otherwise II You are whispered suffering sounded off words like smothering and covering we are hovering over red piled leaves in a coy pond rippling softly cleaving undulating enchanted being air breathing us across this man bit of leaf clenched between our unilateral teeth tasting bitter than usual silvery violins breaching the old surfacing concertos of fish begun as scales glittering and musical in what darkness? III Forwarding this fall of time(s) passing into the slave quarters again extinguished flame sconces of smoky breath musk grazing the skein of us. Being(s) madly involved as mood(s) writhing the horse(s) back of August writing off the storms gray edge toward being in your colours released by the galloping inch IV In mist of a great field, among trunk of crosshatching Dasein of branches wailing beyond reach the pummels of horizoning encouragement of shadows carving consequences into the form of your hands of wind hulks moving gracefully about their articulation the gentle blows in kind at once your hand reaches me from here V Five fingered senses erupting in me the ebb and flowing ebbs of elemental fires burning in honor of what primordial water flock of tendril like infernos gliding across northern-most hemisphere of clustering urge(s) separating them by what percentage previously was for silence five incendiary petals of transitory effect engorged flower of garden(s) past the courtyard of this ignorant bliss VI among hidden weaves of vines flogging bramble with our song you are here among turbulent arcs of bird and warble you are the dark throated howling of the beasts of your distinguished grace fanning into panoramas of fauna of flora divesting unknowable wilds and dialogs of green symbolism unfettered by this outstretched wing of you mother VII Naked as vibrations of bees equally imperceptible as their effigies for mysterious pollens and God here all the time sixth senses dedicating situational ironies and laughter hunters firing shots into animal flesh of this confusion crucifix of the caress made by my own hairs crossed and double crossing VIII Buffering against death and triggering voids moving among gusts of incandescent air unmoved tracking me down and alone by foot-printed fear always near this nowhere of the lazily pure beginning of the behemoth o feminine mystic who bears witness incapable of blame carrying my burden of clothes and bandages to heal us and keep us warm IX Unbeknown to the fool I am you were there in the shoes of Krishna and Sigurd in direct relation to realities of stone readying sun rays to anchor our feet in some foundation of full appreciation for areas vulnerable to attack a dying man moving on you will not let go who has lived in all the countries of mind(s) besieged by war... X scintillating un- seen like the underside of a lover's diamond out of reach of the light of luxuriated landscape(s) harnessed moons and planets her fine braided selbst knotting us into tomorrows extension of the moment(s) dying demonstrating not more than great feminine principles containing her paradoxical inverse-fountain of life o gateway of the source of the womb of radiance and lucidity... XI Of my stare across this universe stranger by the inquisition the fracturing armor the matted hair the flawed heart of a lifetime of surgeries committed under duress according to the importunate laws of masculine tendency to signify strength only the ground swell of adversity with drunken hands like rusty blades and illegible maps of paradise... XII With empty nets For your oceanic plenitude So far from notable places from accessing eternity fumbling to pronounce you Codex Spheare both of these feet my ink and sheets of white land of infancies Probing probing probing nothing physical spiritual psychic corresponding to what physical phenomenon of the body in time and place woeful unconscious consequential fruitless nostalgic. XIII Dream of loneliness is the voyage of sensual love Aromas of fortuitous glands and crowns of breasts bejeweled dark ruby areola cast cerulean blue shadow across us milk of stalactites milk of ephemeral bone alone in this dream of Greek tragedies playing out alone at Roman banquets alone at the brink of never occupying absolute center.. XIV Part lion and eagle clown and child bird and beauty old serpent of the whore full and artificial heavy with interference empty of legendary symbols at war with interdependence to lay claim on the flies swarming full of mystery and illnesses man nailed to his Christ adequately suffering transparent man stained as man fragile as glass XV Sun rising a Kilimanjaro of angels with inglorious heat widespread(ing) to the four poles of limiting consciousness palms riddled palms like oysters ajar in the sand of your eyes a gyration of castrations of wasted sexuality of existence before and after and before after was the child demanding was a tongue withdrawing to what holy grail... XVI This endless chase separating forever(s) that I and thou may no longer move the mover across the lie by sacrifice alone become the inconclusive hunter mired and sleepless sweating blood or vacating secrets at the brink of calling hell a routine standing without energy enough to feel apathy as shame XVII thirty-eight years pregnant with still boring points of view So come all the angel(s) digits maniacally associating come all the employees of compassion quintessential ode to five(s) ishtarisisastartedemetermagmamater reaching at objective truths at Nature and cosmic force in a night gown o savior I could not save her my maternal woman from gilded convention 1. 2. THE MOMENTARY LIFE OF CONFLICT AND COUNTERPOISE I Is that not the angel's nomenclature to define the animal's man and stature to be the tree of life that perches Phoenix and calls Raven down to caw to consecrate the impertinent details of Plato's law in Plateresque style to heap upon her own bitter roots and gnarled shoots a panoply of applicable grotesques II disheveled garlands and rotting fruits crossesboltsbrackets and swords--to disseminate to articulate how to fondle and what is lost what is Savior and what is Antichrist to show the sun it's pride and the moon it's sloth explain how white is gained at a cost to black to paint the face of the King's son, make a seducer of his wife and a servant of his clock III Against the final intrusion man's hours defended by her willingness to flower imperceptibly beyond ambivalence and discontinuity while adulterers and rapists of the spirit malinger at every stage till thresholds peak you are no less than Earth in deed more than infinity's part of the whole cancer in the pancreas of hostile forces Madam of your mastery so violently good IV With a key to the doors to the towers of mind and (B)eing of all thought in pernicious mind-swarms of the powers that be (unworthy) o Invariable guardian my irrational lover who's fingernails are in the skin of my unknowing who knows I am barely this body and mostly unaware of human kind- nesses I am deeply unfamiliar with your dark soils your cluttered tree instinctively thriving V Rise of a tide of electric aureole embarking upon what trim path of total asceticism. blow by blow of intellectual vigor and mystical aspects cutting me down to terrestrial characteristics leavening the cuttings to spiritual asset I climb from head to heart to joie de vivre of mineral dirt and your hand is always there brutish in the mane steering me like Pan onto metaphysical planes VI Then a thrust into entrails a procreative scope into the lower oceans where legs are impossible and the depilation of a haircoat complete five knives proliferating this alchemy of genesis five spectacles passing over testicles without hesitation five blunt radical branches of what Supernatural force with spherical mood and tubular temperament deeper than flesh to what vestments of black sound... VII How the Popes and Presidents are assassinated how men are degraded to unconscionable nigger how Muslims are lynched by American vigor there is not true calm in men outside of the flow of this particular river's basin where the Stranger is renounced for the Other is renounced for the Brother is renounced for the Mother is renounced for Light is renounced for the black before and after life... VIII As stalk and leaf like beast and flee Our bulk was never our own men among their winsome falls are flesh dissolving to its last lie nimbushalo and luminous circle meet tooth and nail by the bucket of corpulent fission and chaotic travail no prefiguration of mind(s) have been not routed bricked off and grouted to her circuitry of orchestrated energy IX What is spelled by her five brazen letters What is meant by sound of truth never heard only seen heroes are not fallen in battle but remaindered to mourning to rising up in coffins and urns to ancient gods by false premise to misshapen gods and disfigured paradise to embark upon fiercely cyclical prisons of memory without hope of transformation... X This ritual of declinations rousing at birth our one choice and death not a way or means but a weaning off from false light from the sordid bedroom of hope to breathing a perfect amplitude of stench mimicking the tabula rasa of maggots in full mindless harmony with scatter of dung beetles. XI Passing the tongue over lime pooling saliva in the crevices of ancient aquifer Porous and ever increasingly proof of nothing I is not the Prince of Denmark he does not exist resolved by a monstrous proclivity to self-destruct dematerialized without glory more than naked I am less than alone XII Like the drepression of repressed oppression but infinitely more decompressed not so much scattered as paradoxically lessened to more than the absence of something being less than the instance of nothing like eternity again is an hour and heaven seems not wild flowering and eyes not the palm nor the mind has devoured all sand we see anew the world but strings of white hold us as strands of black yank back XIII There is no theory for living longer than the bliss of noneness. 3. TO THE NATURAL LIMITS OF RATIONAL ORGANIZATION I Its a tangling tree of light where the roots of cause and effect intersect darkness rests by a column holding up death and I sound out strangely hieroglyphic postulations of erratic breath or jagged confirmation or acoustic precision some facet of esoteric forms ordering and reordering and generative sequencer... II I in her virile complicity and tacit humanity and ovarian manus the incomparable dexterity she managed in manipulating fear toward abandonment of the carriages of metaphor while signifying transparent purpose endowing this space I find one self or other middling in between the right and left hemisphere surmounting a signum of apocalyptic familias. III That a white horse could vomit symphonists and strings of theory be untied fabulous come the black hoof till the gut falls out without guilt as punishment this carnage and others like distant gardens dysfunctional with desire freed to be a moment of anguished vanguard moving gallows themselves to tears. IV It doesn't anymore matter if the song bird croaks or the mad man in the square remained vanquished to his cripple's chair then and still silenced by the ashes clouding his twenty yard stare because the armies of longings remain un- fulfilled unable to move this earthly fever our universally plebeian plague we swallow shadow cast by light chance and change met too late. V What matters is turning back to her what matters are train whistles and engine plumes heaving us back to her what matters is the black string bellowing its black sound what returns us from the void to the ground of providence to the hills of her body to the rivers of her blood to the hurricanes and tsunami's of her kiss so engendered with love. VI Despite angels concerned with our grave and muses infernal with discordant blazes tear the nipples from the chains of thought concentrated as they are on what must be got and bought and sold from young until old Glittering barriers of the construct-self tireless campaigner to further what brooding elk let go let open our blind eye to the grandeur of her Quintessence VII And no longer be past between masters never again overrun by the immensity of MASTER instead undertake the conquerors way from signpost to bed post to closeness of flesh against feast suddenly alive not begrudgingly lie fallible in the tar of smutty amusements like snails in doubling shells but right to the point of nature with utmost brevity. 4. ON THE DIMENSIONS OF TERRESTRIAL ORDER I Where she is my savage love my black stable all of her speechless beddings and rushes of embryonic air slashing across the asymmetrical planks of incurable desire to live unto death until life do us part to bed down forthrightly naked in her multi-dimensional carrion made soundly and evenly of afterbirths and before deaths. II Beautiful Harpie with animal-demiurge stacked and brazen with all of the defining concepts of Being naturally moral as amoral equally heaven and heavenless my deathless child my wingless bird woman of no means more or less than the entire pantheon of embodiment whom I cannot explain or symbolize III My Hecate hate me Harek My love strung and tense as the sad guitar of a million Andalusian gypsies yellow yin my moon lit red yang in the cycle's ditch crucifying men who've turned away (for) riches I am pour(ed) through you from deeper levels mother of flight keeper of the secret that breaks generations apart IV My helix of mirrors we are self-same(ly) a brutal cosmogony by you doubling as creator of atom(s) always white in all ways black as the vestiges of night and these "I" parts of "we" echoing-echoing of a next level of Sattva mechanics of deepest logics of swarming moment(s) of conception in a sky of our close attention elementally colliding collaborating swiftly on beautiful notions of immobility V "I " of the black moon eclipsing "you" of the white sun eclipsed we are together all that goes on moving taunting the gardener of strange things to tossing wild seed(s) across the galaxy to feed the allegorical anima of my unrehearsed animal great weeping phallus muzzling the homeland o shrewd observation of the scent(s) of you sweeping at marks of solid body VI I admit Paradise lost is still a place with as much space as before but the inner tapestry of lace was wasted here by the palace curb: "I" see(s) slumped among melancholies through membranous eye into cults man sacrifices his verb "to be" for need of clarity to herstory... VII Face offing now forever release the architectural pillars of hope in all six directions of space hold by my serpents stem black fleur-de-lis of my endless ox-headed bloom let it be siphoned o mutual moon enough milky nectar to make a septenary center a compound for these blushing chambers from denserdenserruin... 5. ON REVELATION AND SPIRITUAL ESSENCE I Forever now effaced Anxiety-taxed eyes at the orgy voice-descanted drunkenness and saturnalia orientation and sexual license toward being handled by the call of her c h a o s of libidinal love's embrace north hand south tongue west hand east tongue is the way into c h a o s against all norms of apprehension I-pray is prying us free toward what carnival II And vice of voice a thousandfold scream and shadowy reverb without attenuation white lightening and black darkening distances between you and yestermoments of what diminishing apocalypse great sound beams over-strumming the whole silence vast mindscape picked clear of archaic cloister juggernaut of intercommunications tuning uttering this emergent thousandfold III Tuned & forked dynamics of soul(s) against sonorously vaginal instruments a thousandfold wind-tongues whipping at labial heart slapping against your shudders by savage increments blowing us to post-human collapse all naked weight and nebulous conviction of time-drifts and cellular note shifting along lines of light between the double-mirror and extent grace... IV I blinded unmade irrational as you order us some continuity growing within you expounding on blood because of what beckons the material order of feminine nature syncopating in form functioncharacterorigin and color with your gender encompassing the earth as double-current as energy moving thus toward roundness of grandeur that expands the sun's form lessness... V Because I am a man I am the moment of conception elaborated upon by Fate stretched for years hours minutes seemingly endless s e c o n d s to fit between the miraculous and the mundane I am modes of constriction and a particular challenge for sphinxes in the unwritten folktales of my life's summation I am all of these parts of your whole as something less... VI Who said I must die for me do you remember Are you here this day I clean my weapons slow Do you see the map on the table smudged with coffee the red x at the old sled park the scribbled down date of snowy march Masterfully deep in these woods I am teasing my suggestion slow VII Will you remember my ripple in the ocean that every woman is darling and every woman is beautiful that every woman is sacred and every woman is extraordinary these are my obligations the mother the sister the daughter the lover will you remember I said of all women on the earth I adore you VIII And you are my conception of ocean(s) the great wound of such depths azure skin salting all grains of sin by your tide(s) I come defining these words pronounced both ways stable and formless equally solid and airy both empty and whole across a body of time across a plateau of sand daily imposing a drop of water into a glass of existence. IX Last at the shore of men born for storm(s) by eroded thought and battering moods and rush after crush of souther-most sevens the years of categoric nightmare in fierce opposition to value a systemic worsening of conflict and counterpoise and the immaterial dispersement of time in the triangle of sanity living out the oppositions to love to Creator to Nature to the nucleus of matter(s) X Sense you see you and repent birth zenith and decent had I known the bottle of wine in act one was a rifle I'd be dead my four dimensional horses hover too high in the groves trampling our branches my good and evil studs all foundational external meaning outside of reach corralled breaches of faith This heralding of ones natural limits as self-evident with minimum awareness of reality... XI And by my exhaustion the inimitable rightness of surrender the unfathomable embrace of the womb once and for you I impose not death but selfless life to be your fetus of knowledge a fragile and watchful eye and planetary sphere with basic flesh of musical note(s) with blood of pure color(s) with harmonic soul to extend by arterial wonderment past the end of ends acoustically alive into your song of everything (c) 2011 by Henry Avignon


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