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This is the list of the Ygdrasil Journal of the Poetic Arts issues. Older issue are available at our ARCHIVE SITE.

Ygdrasil is a monthly Publication and welcomes submission from around the world. To submit poetry, short stories or plays, please send an email to the address below, you may do one of two things. Send us an email, or you are welcome to participate in the Ygdrasil's very own link to its original bbs network, through the newsgroup alt.centipede.

We don't always use the material posted in the newsgroup, but it has been a way that we have met many of our friends, and it has given way to many issues by various poets and writers. Your appearance would be a thrill for us, and a joy to read.


For Older issues please access the Ygdrasil's ARCHIVE Site site.

All issues are in PKZIP Format. The editions themselves are in ASCII text and can be read with any Dos or Windows Text Editor. To view the magazine with a Word Processor ( WP or MS Word ) set the margins to 0" 0" before importing the text. But for the best results, use BOXERto view the magazine. The finest text editor available on the market.

Until we are able to establish a link to PKZIP, if anyone has problems "unzipping" these issues, please leave the editor a note and we will forward a copy of the text version to you by email.

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